Wednesday 24 August 2016

Ever heard a name and you had to turn around to take a glance? It happens a lot. Sometimes the source of the name is sought, or other times the bearer of that name. There are different reasons why this happens. Some names sound very pretty and exotic, while others make you wonder what were you thinking?

The truth is sometimes it's quite difficult to get an adequate name for a child, I mean how are we certain that the child could possibly carry that name? Imagine if a child was named Jesus, wouldn't there be immense responsibility on that child to try to be Christ like? And have some amazing super human qualities? Or what if some one was named Lucifer, would there always be some sort of negative and recoiling effect people would have just seeing that person or mentioning his name?

Sometimes you hear a name and you immediately think wow, what a beautiful name. And other times, it's aww poor child or maybe an outright laugh. (Don't judge me, we have all done it) while reading Ken Saro Wiwa's "A Forest Of Flowers", there is a story about a man who is so disillusioned with the world, he decides to name his child "If God Na Man People No For Chop". The Priest in charge of christening out rightly refuses to name the child this and after a lot of back and forth, they reach a compromise and the child is named "If God Na Man".

Early this year in the UK, a judge restricted a woman from naming her child "Cyanide" saying that the name could cause the child a lot of pain and suffering in future. I guess it could, I mean imagine being named after a dangerous poison which had been used for centuries to kill people. I have a relative called Endurance, which I rank as one of the worst names in the world. That name in my opinion symbolises pain, suffering and basically nothing good. The word endure is only used when people are going through difficult times. I guess the problem of choosing a name is a worldwide problem.

There are also people and traditions that believe a child's name has a huge impact on the way they turn out. They say certain names have a powerful effect while others have a negative and detrimental affect. I know of some people who have changed their names or surname sin adulthood as they say the names had negative effects. It's funny because 2 of such people who I know personally who changed their names were actually very intelligent and seemed to be doing quite well in their endeavours. And I also know of some who have very positive names and well, their traits are a total opposite of their names.

Humans are not the only group who need to properly named. Even pets need adequate names. I remember as kids, we made sure all our dogs were named in a pattern - the last letter of their names had to be a Y. Sometimes people want a girl name for a pet animal, while others prefer a more mean name for a fiercer animal.

Even establishments like businesses, churches and schools also need to be named with a lot of thought. On the church scene, there seems to be a competition to see who can name their church the most ridiculous title. Some leave a bad taste while others are just ridiculous. At least to others.

But is it possible that after some time, a ridiculous name is likely to be accepted?

What are the criteria you would use to name a child? Would you consider changing your name if it had some sort of negative undertone? Do you believe the name of a person had an effect on how they turn out?

Are you a 100% satisfied with your name?

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