Wednesday 22 April 2015

Days like this I wish things were different
Times like this I wish the puzzles were easy
Seconds like this I can only wish the words were written and true
As I long for tomorrow that I will never know

Your footprints firmly planted
Your voice echoes deep in my head
I plead for those treasured days to come back
Words I've longed to tell you
Things have hoped to happen

As I long and wait for that tomorrow I will never know
I wish I had taken things differently
I wish I had said those words
I wish...oh I wish....
I wish I had wished

But there are no time for regrets
I can only but cry and wish
As I stand with sands in my hands
The passage of tears left wide open
I bid you goodbye into your new world

The words of that moment
The sentence I received with huge smile
The words you had said with your teasing voice
I'm waiting my love..sleep not for I'll be here awake
Waiting for you to come home.

Nights have eluded me since you were gone
Tomorrow seems never to come
"I'll see you tomorrow" you had said
I'm here, waiting, hoping to see
The tomorrow that I will never know



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Hiya, im Zibby and this is a brief intro about me :)

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