Sunday 26 January 2020

Without a doubt, the biggest night of the music industry is the Grammys. All the A-list stars affiliated with music, movies and TV walk the red carpet amidst the glitz, glam and flashing lights. 

This year the Grammys are holding on the 26th of January and will be hosted by singer Alicia Keys. 
Some of the nominated artistes had an amazing run last year. Topping the charts and gaining world wide acclaim, from their music. These 3 artists stood out and will be the centre of the ceremony. 

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Just about a week ago, the world was  shocked to discover that a new virus had caused a wave of infection in the Chinese City of Wuhan. Not too much was known about the virus, but a few days later there were cases of fatalities reported. 

As at today, there are 41 confirmed fatalities, with 945 confirmed cases worldwide. France has just confirmed it’s first three patients. 

China and Nigeria have very close business ties, with thousands of travellers commuting between the countries weekly for business and personal reasons. With the cases of the Wuhan virus reported in other countries across Asia, the US and France, Nigeria is at risk. 

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