Tuesday 16 December 2014

Hello guys!

It was an exciting day yesterday when BBHotshots Housemate Tayo Faniran aka AKT arrived into Nigeria, via Lagos.
He touched down at about 8pm, however there was a long delay as i believe even the passengers, crew, immigration & customs could not get enough of Tayo. #TeamTayo despite the extra long wait, kept the mood outside alive with song, dance and waited happily to meet Tayo.

When Tayo emerged there were huge cheers all across, and TAyo happily posed for pictures with team Tayo, and happily did the Tayo Frog jump dance. Unfortunately i couldnt be at the airport, i had flown in from PH but my flight was delayed for 4 hours and since im recovering, i couldnt wait at the airport for Tayo's arrival cos i had to dash home as i had started feeling ill again. But i'll def see our Boy Tayo and i'll give you all the gist. And of course he'll be a guest on the #BBAPodcast

Here are some videos from AKT's arrival.

To download videos from 4shared, please click HERE (vid 1) and HERE (vid 2)

PS: Pls forgive the typos. My head is banging :(

Thanks to the lovely @acoustichannah for these videos and pics
also thanks to the lovely @bluzyy for more pics
And thanks to Teamtayo who waited and welcomed Tayo like the King he is.

Dont forget, im on twitter @ZibbyJ :)


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