Saturday 28 February 2015

Scene 1: Beautiful young 18 year old makes an appearnace at Hollyowood's biggest event, loking gorgeous and wearing her hair in locks. Stunning.

Scene 2: Hateful woman on a TV show panel mocks this successful young lady (singer, actress & dancer) makes fun of young lady and says her hair dreadlocks probably smell of patchouli and marijuana.

Scene 3: Huge outrage at hateful woman's comments, hateful woman tweets at successful with a half apology, implying successful young woman should not be angry about it, as its nothing.

Scene 4: Successful young woman releases a statement condenming Hateful woman's comments.Massive support for succesful young woman, especially from the black community. Ironically the black community had ganged up on successful young lady last year, because she was cast in the Aaliyah biopic. Reasons ranged from she was not dark enough, her father is African, She has Eyropean roots bla bla. All this is forgotten or at least swept under the rug. Everyone loves her again. All is well.

Scene 5: Hateful woman's co-host who is the foul mouthed Brit and coincidentally a friend of successful young lady speaks against hateful woman. Asking her to apologise. She questions whether she wants to continue on the show. While foul mouthed brit has made mean comments about others on the show, watching it being done to successful young lady, a close friend has got her thinking. Maybe conversations with successful lady in the aftermath of events. Maybe some comments made off air by hateful woman & others. She is thinking really hard.

Scene 6: TV show reeases a statement saying Foul mouthed brit is leaving the show (fired or resigned- we'll never know). Huge uproar. People have turned on Foul mouthed brit, because she didn't stick with hateful woman and her colleagues, but sided with her friend the successful young woman.

Final Scene: (In conclusion)
1. Humans are so fickle. Make up your mind whom you are mad at already. The villian has somehow become the victim. Amazing!
2. I want a friend like foul mouthed brit. Who will stick by a friend. And stand up for what she believes in.
3. Be careful what you say. Your words are powerful. They can build or destroy.
4. Foul mouthed brit just got a new fan- me.
5. And yes, I love successful youbg lady. Followed her career for years and the only place she is heading is...the top! Locks or Not.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Many years ago, Saint Valentine was executed by the Romans, because he defied orders and continued to marry couples the christ way. After his death, a date was set aside to honor this man, who gave his life up for love, well in a sense. Somehow it became all about couple's love and St Valentine was forgotten. And then it moved on to be about love for family & friends. And now its all about love for money, yes. Thank you Evolution!

I was having a chat with my friend KO, and he pointed out to me how the day had become all about money. Buy this for valentines, go here for dinner, get this discount and bla bla. I realized Val's day had been commercialized a bit too much like other holidays have - Christmas, Easter etc. I think if we think back to the origins of Val's day, there indeed is a huge gap.

That being said, I think its a nice idea to take time out to show your love to your family, partner, friends - everyone around you. If you can add a little extra - that's awesome. Of course a lot of people are going to be disappointed (especially the couples) in the gifts they give or receive, the restaurants or maybe even the movies they see.

I think my Ideal Valentines day, would be sitting in front of my TV, working on my laptop and chatting on whatsapp (yes simultaneously) To me, its just a regular day. To live my life and do what I do every other day - live, work & show love to the people around me the way I can.

Actually, I've never given anyone a Valentine's day gift.I've happily accepted gifts tho.When I buy val gifts,I change my mind at the last second and save the gifts as presents for birthdays.

What would your ideal Valentines day be like?

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Thursday 12 February 2015

Many times I have wondered, what is the story behind this person?,what is the reason for this situation? Sometimes I have let myself make up a story just to sate my curious desire, sometimes I have been forced to face the person and ask for reasons I have no business knowing about, but I can't help it, not in anyway I know.

So as I sit at the Village Square watching the people celebrate I begin to wonder again what is the reason behind the twist in the turn of the dancer? The wisdom in the mind of the wise man everyone is looking up to? The passion of the embolden king and kings men?

I moved on with no answers but still never stopped guessing, as I sat in the bus and looked at everyone I wonder again what is the reason for the twinkle in the eye of that happy girl holding a doll, the flash in the smile of that glad beggar, the grimace on the face of the saddened mother looking at the stocks in front of her without hope of selling much, the fire in the soul of the madman who is half naked....

I still didn't get my answer, I closed my eyes to stop my soul from searching for more answers but as I went on my questions grew the more!
What is the reason behind the......

Tears of all those who have cried.
The step of each foot that still marches.
The hand given freely to shake.
The regret of he who hath squandered. The creations of all those who make.

The whisper in the words softly spoken. The chill in the spine of the scared. The gifts that are given as tokens. The courage of those that have dared.

The challenge that lay there before us. The hurt in a heart that once loved. The sound of a heavenly chorus. The push in the back of the shoved.

The thoughts of the pre planning thinker. The day that has yet to come. The lie, bought and sold hook, line and sinker. The passage of all those now gone.

The freedom that's paid with a steep price. That costs so much more than gold.
These REASONS should all make us think twice. Or else granted power shall become uncontrollable.

Let the mighty one fear tomorrow, Let them heed the demands and needs of the poor. Let them see that to serve is a privilege. Let them re find their humanity.

Sit not idle in the face of injustice. Sit not quietly accepting greed. Sit not placid while a storm rages onward Destroying what we're meant to be.

Stand for all of the fallen. Stand up to that which appals. Stand tall for all of the lowly. Answer your conscience's call.

Let these REASONS trigger so much...
Live for those who are dying. Live for those yet to come. Live with a love for the living. Until your last day is done.
And so I ask one final question....
what is the reason behind our living today? Anyone with the answer?..

By Awe, Damilare Hannah
Twitter : @acoustichannah

Wednesday 11 February 2015

If you follow me on Social Media, chances are you are aware of all the positive change I've been experiencing :) Tremendous growth in my personal & professional life, Best part so far is landing my dream job. With great excitement and happiness and of course more work, lurks the factor which we wish we never have to see - illness.
Yes, living in a stressful society with air, noise and generally environmental pollution, add intense heat, shaky power supply, skipped meals & pesky little creatures buzzing around, you have the recipe for illness.

I have headaches a lot of the time, and when I'm particularly grumpy chances are my head is banging. But I'm opposed to taking medication as I'm worried about dependency on them. So I learned to live & function with the headaches. Late last year after extensive research, I came up with alternative natural remedies to fight headaches. Since I started on them this year, I'm glad to say I've barely had any.

However Malaria has dawned its ugly head again. And this time I'm wondering - Herbal, Natural or Western? I don't know the dictionary definitions but I describe natural as treatments which do not require any ingestion of any special formula (Herbal or western) I believe Herbal and Western are self explanatory.

I'm wary of western meds and doubly wary of herbal meds. I remember once as a child, my grandma force fed us a mixture of bitter leaf + stout (I think) and it was totally horrible. That's my only experience with herbal treatments. People say herbal treatments are good and indeed a lot of western meds are derived from herbs and trees. However I seem to have more faith in western meds as I am certain doses are refined and not too concentrated. Also less chances of an unwanted compound slipping in.

After struggling for a few days, I finally gave in went to hospital and got western malaria meds. I however wish, there was an alternate natural remedy for the cure of malaria. I drank a lot of water, had fruits, tried to rest a bit more, avoided oily foods. But I didn't start feeling better till I got the western meds.

So the question is, how do you find the balance between these methods of treatment? Which would you advocate for? Are they all equally effective?

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Tuesday 3 February 2015

With the shocking news about Bobbi Kristina, its just brought back alot of memories of what celebrity kids go through daily in the press.
Bobbi Kristina, 22 was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her home and was whisked off to hospital. Reports indicate she has been placed in a medically induced coma to relive pressure from her brain.
It is indeed a sad incident, as i believe Bobbi Kristina has been through alot in her short life. Born to Whitney Houston one of the most popular singers in the world, and Bobby Brown also known a very popular singer and (un)reformed bad boy, thats certainly alot of pressure.

Living with parents who had a stormy marriage with a mix of allegations of physical abuse, drugs, financial instability and infidelity, that's a recipe for disaster. Whitney's tragic death also could not have been easy for Bobbi Kristina. i know all mothers love their children, but there was such a deep bond between both of them. With the press hounding her continously after Whitney's passing, especially on the "incest issue", her life all of a sudden had become a re-enactment of her mothers. Her husband, who Whitney took as a son was never legally adopted. I don't see anything wrong if Bobbi Kristina turned to someone she trusted for comfort rather than risk being with an opportunist.

At the end of the day, she is a young child whose life and struggles was suddenly splashed out onto the pages of tabloids, including her battles in er family which were definitely not helped by the Whitney biopic movie (which i must add, the Houston family were totally against) Currently, no evidence of drugs have been found to be involved in the sad incident.

I remember an awards ceremony in the 90s, where Whitney had won an award. Her date to the even was her daughter Bobbi Kristina, co-incidentally it was her 5th birthday. Whitney's acceptance speech was a happy birthday song to her daughter in typical Whitney style, with the mini Bobby Brown, watching shyly from her seat with all cameras on her. It was a beautiful moment. You could feel the love Whitney had for her daughter.

While alot of us are hoping Bobbi Kristina pulls through this, to some people in the media its business as usual. I truly hope we can give the family some space to get through this terrible time. It reminds me of all the attention on Michael jackson's kids which resulted in Paris trying to kill herself. While we are fascinated by the lives of these young rich kids, we should also remember, at the end of the day, they are still children.

Here is wishing Bobbi Kristina a speedy recovery. And please say a prayer if you can.

What do you think?

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