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About 10 years ago, there was a sort of stigma associated with online dating. it was seen as a last resort for the undesirables. However online dating has evolved to become more socially acceptable in recent times as compared to the initial perception. In fact, some people have gone on to have very happy relationships and marriages which started from the world wide web.  While online dating may refer to paying for subscriptions on dating websites, the term has also grown to include social media.

Some celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlie sheen, Orlando Bloom and Lindsey Lohan have admitted signing up to dating sites, with Orlando trying to find love on Facebook using a friend's profile picture and name. Dancing with the stars host Carrie Ann Inaba actually found her fiancee on eharmony. Actress Essence Atkins met her husband on In fact i remember reading somewhere that the founder of's girlfriend dumped him for a man she met on Oh the Irony!

Online dating is a useful dating method which could yield positive results if used wisely. Security is top of the list on the checklist for online dating.  Here are 7 ways to protect yourself;

1. Do not rush into a meeting or a relationship. Give yourself time to study the person and decide if you want to meet. Remember you are not obliged to meet if you don't want to.

2. Get verifiable details, through email before you meet. Do not use your private email.

3. Do not give out personal information. If you decide to call after communication over a reasonable time frame, ask for the phone number and hide your number while calling.

4. Make sure you meet in an open place, during the day. for your own safety. Never leave your bag (theft) or drink unattended (spiked drinks)

5. Do not give out your home address. Remember that person is still a stranger regardless of how often you talk via email or social media.

6. Always let your family/friends know who you are meeting and where you are meeting. give them a call when you are there and are with him (Heck, try to sneak in a picture of who you are meeting if you can and email to someone -okay maybe OTT but worth a shot)

7.  If the date doesn't go well, you do not have to see the person again. Don't feel pressured. Say goodbye politely and leave.

So those are & basic safety tips to protect yourself while on the hunt for love in Cyberspace.
However one rule is the the ultimate and must be done before any of the following steps even come up. It's 3 words - GOOGLE THAT PERSON.

If that person has no cyber footprint, chances are that person isn't human. See what you can find on the web about the person you are communicating with. Facebook is a good start to see if they are single or taken. Google can also tel you if they are a wanted felon. GOOGLE! :)


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