Friday 29 January 2016

#WhereIsVictorSilas #WhereIsVictorSilas 

Victor Silas,  Marine Engr (30 years old)

Victor Silas aged 30 is a marine engineer employed by Q n Q Control Services. On the 25th day of July 2015, Victor headed to Bonny to work on a ship NT Abiola

On getting to Bonny, he was told by the operations manager of QnQ Control Systems, Mr Watiemie Dokubo to take a speed boat to meet the ship......that was the last time Victor was seen or heard from again. 

When Victor's parents did not hear from him after 3 days, his father Elder Silas went to the company office in Port Harcourt to enquire about his whereabouts. 
Mr Dokubo, the operation's manager told Victor's father that he had not heard from Victor and he was trying to make contact.

 Victor's family reported the matter to the police and ever since then it's been a wild goose chase. The police told Victor's family to keep the matter quiet and the family were forced to oblige as they were worried about his safety. The case was also reported to Zone 6 Calabar. 

The police have done virtually nothing to find Victor and his company Q & Q Control Services have basically ignored the family. It's crazy that an almost 6'5 healthy young man will vanish into thin air while on official duty, and nothing has been done to help find him. 

 ''Please help us ask the Nigerian Police and especially his company Q & Q Control Services where Victor Silas is. Mr Watieme Dokubo (operations mgr) and Mr Bobmanuel Omubo (director) Where is Victor Silas? #WhereIsVictorSilas 

 Please if any one has any info that can help us find Victor Silas, please call his elder brother Ubong Silas on 08101360445. This info can be given anonymously, if required.


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