Tuesday 26 May 2015

I noticed things had sort of cooled down between BB Hotshots housemtes Mira from Mozambique and Luis from Namibia.
Now Mira was very famous for her striking good looks, her kiss with another housemate and of course her love for Jameson. While Luis, well was remembered for attempting to jump over a 3 ft wall.
While they started a romance in the house, it was cut short after Mira was evicted after 1 week in the game. I don't remember much of Luis so can't recall when he was evicted. Infact Luis released a song entitled Mira, Mira on the wall which no one ever got to hear.

I had been hearing info that Luis had been hanging out with a particular not liked housemate and her sister, other sources said that sister had a thing with him. (not proven)

Enter Ketchup, Nigerian artiste who is famous for his "Show Me The Rozay" song. He has been in SA for a while now.
Boy mets girl, girl meets boy---> sparks fly :)
Sources say Mira has been cast as Ketchup's love interest in one of his videos and reliable sources say it's a steamy video.

Reliable sources say the chemistry has moved on from set and they are now an item.

Mira has not officially confirmed the relationship, but hey she doesn't need to. She says they are friends (sure) The writing is on the wall :)

They make a cute and well matched couple. We hope certain other parties stay out of this blossoming relationship

Listen to Mira's interview on the BBA Podcast here
Mira's twitter handle is @myss_kiki and Ketchup's is @iam_ketchup

Bye Bye crooked roads ;)


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