Monday 1 June 2015

Happy June!!

Now June is the 6th part of the year and marks the first half of a year gone. So congratulations, you are officially half way thru 2015!

All over the world, today is "Say Something Nice About Someone Day". It was a theme on my radio show ( Cool Over Night Lounge Mon-Sat 1am on Cool FM PH) and I decided to tweak it a bit, to say something nice about someone who has hurt you. This was meant to be a topic of discussion for listeners, little did I know, it would be therapy for me.

As I started speaking about the subject, I realised I had been angry at some people from my past and present. I realised that I needed to actually let go so I could feel the peace in my heart I was depriving myself of, through feelings of anger. When you are angry and the object of your anger has no clue, you are causing yourself pain. What's the damn point of torturing yourself? Moreover you have most definitely annoyed people too.

So first person I forgave on air was a teacher from secondary school I had held a grudge against for so many years. And I said something nice about him. This was on air. Immediately I felt lighter. I felt a surge of joy. And I'm thinking wow, I need to let go of more anger so this feeling can be intensified.

Some people had annoyed me quite recently. And I decided I was going to let go. And I have. Now this time I didn't say it out on air. I feel very happy. I feel free. The feeling of Joy has intensified. Because I freed myself, from anger and resentment.

I want you to feel this joy I have right now. Please let go, forgive and move past whoever has annoyed you. You should not make yourself suffer twice. I know it may not be easy for you, but make a conscious effort to say it loud and call that person"s name and tell them you forgive them. You don't need to tell them to their face. Just say. It, mean it and get rewarded with joy you can't even express in words.
You have no reason to start a new month, or a new week, or even a new day with these negative feelings lingering.

In fact a scientific research carried out by Duke University Medical Centre determined that people who quarrel
with family and friends spend more money on healthcare as they are more frequently ill than those who do not. Forgiveness is not only good for you psychologically, its also good for your health and your bank account!

You deserve to be happy.
You deserve the Joy.



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