Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The crime rate unfortunately in our society has risen drastically. While we pray to God for securityy, there are steps you can take to avoid being caught up in the craziness. This email was sent to me from work. Please forward this to your family, friends & loved ones.

1. Personal Security
• Keep a low profile, blend in and be alert to developments in your environment.
• Avoid known crime-prone areas and black spots.
• Avoid routine pattern of movements and late night outings. The more predictable your movements and schedules are, to and from places of leisure, entertainment, worship, shopping, schooling, the easier it is for a kidnapper to plan and execute your abduction.
• Avoid undue exposure, inclusive of your family members.
• Save emergency numbers on your phone with speed dial for easy call in an emergency.
• Regularly review your personal security, the security around your home, and your spouse’s business premises.

2. Financial Transactions
• Keep all information concerning financial transactions strictly confidential – do not discuss in the open.
• Avoid carrying large sums of cash, do not carry bags or packages that may attract criminals.
• Avoid physical transactions that require large sums of cash – use cheques and electronic money transfers.
• Use ATMs only in safe and well lit places and not late at night.

3. Travel Security
• Always pre-plan your journey and ensure the vehicle is in good working condition.
• Discuss travel plans only with immediate family members.
• Avoid night driving, make less use of high value cars that can easily mark you out as a potential target of criminals.
• Stick to major routes and avoid lonely routes with bad roads and poor visibility.
• If you suspect a vehicle trailing you on the road, drive to the nearest Police station or public place where help is near.
• Do not give ride to strangers, including persons dressed in uniforms, as they may be criminals in disguise.
• Do not hitch-hike vehicles driven by strangers.
• Be aware of techniques used by criminals to force unsuspecting victims to stop.
• Watch out for strange persons inside a car or hanging around your gate at your residence.
• Do not sit inside a parked car on a less busy road.
• Do not park your car in unlit areas.

Note: It is established that motorists are most vulnerable when:
- Waiting for the gate to be opened for them at residences.
- Driving through a terribly bad spot that requires slowing down completely with little chance of escape or when parked on a spot along a less busy road without alighting from the car.

4. Social Outings
• Always let close family members know of your movements.
• Avoid late outings unless it is absolutely necessary, even then, ensure you are accompanied.
• Always take your mobile phone with you, in the event you need it to make emergency calls
• Be aware of the risk posed by large gatherings, as they might constitute attractive targets for violent criminals and terrorists.
• Counsel your children never to leave home without telling you, and to maintain communication with a parent or guardian.
Note: In the unlikely event that you are attacked, please remember the following:
• The general rule is “NEVER” attempt to run.
• Do not resist or panic, just stay calm and cooperate.
• Avoid eye-to-eye contact with the assailants, but respond to instructions and questions calmly.
•Do not make sudden movements without first seeking permission – e.g. unfastening your seat belt as they may misconstrue your intention.
• Implore them not to use their weapons, assure them you will cooperate fully.

5. If kidnapped:
• Focus your energies on survival, maintaining self-respect and dignity.
• Inform them if you have any medical condition.
• Request to speak with your relatives, close associates, and give them the facts unemotionally.
• Do not attempt to call the Police when it is not safe to do so
Finally, please review the security tips and share with members of your household and practice security stand downs with them.

If you make yourself visible, you will be valuable and if you are valuable, you will be vulnerable.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

I admit I was late in my quest to see Empire. There was so much hype about it on social media, I figured I would wait till the buzz died down and then see the series. After the hype sorta died down, I still couldn't find the time to watch. And then I mistakingly said it out on my show that I had never seen the series, hahaha my listeners kept bugging me and teasing me till I decided I had to see it.

Season 1 was amazing. I saw the entire season in less than a week. I just couldn't get enough. Season 2 however seems to have lost a lot of the steam packed in from Season 1. A lot of inconsistent storylines. Things not adding up. In fact I think the writers wrote those scripts in a hurry, with no clear direction - sort of like the writers of LOST who years after the show ended, admitted they made up the storylines as the episodes went by. Well we could tell.

Anyways back to Empire Season 2, I found a lot of inconsistencies with the storyline, although there were some good moments and some characters I grew to love. But I'll start from the underdeveloped or inconsistent storylines.

1. let's talk Anika. Season 1 She is a gorgeous intelligent woman with a rich daddy, a top music exec and ex fiancée of a billionaire. How on earth in Season 2 does she become a woman living in a cramped apartment, obsessing over an 18 year old child of your ex fiancee? Two different Anika's - they might as well have used a different person in that role.

2. Cookie Lyon - street smart. Business savy. The brains behind the operation. Raised in the hood. Jail bird - all round bad ass. How do you go from that to being outsmarted by a Latino street thug? That's not like Cookie, a woman who spent 17 years in jail and came out unscathed.

3. Okay Lucious. How does a man like Luscious who is deeply calculating, sees beyond the ordinary and always has up to a plan Z and back all the way to A again, fall for Mimi's schemes? Did prison screw with Luscious? I would think he was tougher than that. Luscious is the man who is always a step ahead of everyone else. How oh how, did he let the White woman mimi deceive him? remember he said to his son Andre he didn't trust him for marrying that white woman.

4. Hakeem went from an insecure and overly spoilt 18 year old brat to a mature 19 year old who has learned at the feet of the two baddest in the game - Cookie and Luscious. How do you go from being the golden child and loving your father knowing you are the family heir, to becoming an arch nemesis of your father and loving the woman you hated for 17 years? Okay miracles happen, but the play boy teenager becomes a mature music executive, developed and manages talent. He grows up in an instant. Great. But in 5 seconds he somehow becomes the whiny, immature kid again as soon as he sees Camilla. And I had grown to love how Hakeem's character grew over the series and they had to do this.

5. Still on Hakkem, how do you trust someone who is about to take everything your family have worked for? Someone who vanished into thin air and never bothered to contact you? After just a few lines. Really Hakeem? Someone who "married" some one else just to get revenge on your family. Hakeem is dumb.

6. Okay let's talk Andre's wife. Did the writers, costume and makeup forget she was supposed to be pregnant all through the season? And what pregnant woman runs on a treadmill like that? LOL! I bet even Marion Jones preggers would not. The pregnancy only pops up in the 9th episode like they weren't sure what to do with the storyline, but somehow decided they had to use it for a cliffhanger to make us interested in season 3.  When did Luscious become the loving grandpa, considering he basically accused Andre of lying about the baby? Dang, it's hard to keep up!

7. So Jamal and his trashy boyfriend break up. And Jamal is kissing Alicia's character. So does this mean he is bisexual? Or maybe a few whiny songs with Alicia have got him's a miracle! Zero chemistry between them as far as I saw and the songs were very forgettable. And Jamal tells his dad "I'm still Gay" LOL. That was a funny moment.

8. Why on earth do Andre's wife and Anika become besties? Didn't see that friendship coming. Considering they both barely spoke in the past season. And Andre's wife knows how much Luscious who is her benefactor hates Anika. Crazy, isn't it.

9. Hakeem asking if Cookei's Latino boyfriend had a tatoo is ridiculous. Like that didn't even make any sense. That shouldn't have been in that scene. Btw, the smirk Luscious gives lover boy, seems like lover boy is def chilling in peace somewhere.

10. It was nice to see Vivica again, but I truly did not get the point of her character in the movie. Or their younger sis being on drugs. Oh Nd the plot about the secret thing her sis did while cookie was in jail? Another cliffhanger which would def not entice me to watch season 3, except things change.

11. Is any one else tired of Jamal's bleating? He sounds terrible. Jamal's constant painful bleating, sorry singing in the episodes have made this season a ghetto version of Glee. I will not even comment on Luscious's rapping a la DMX lol.  Timbal and you need to work on the music a bit more. It's slipping. Quality not quantity.

12. Andre is a Christian, who can't have sex with the assistant DA anymore, so he can only blackmail her. Andre isn't it written somewhere in our holy book that all sins are equal?

But hey, it's not all bad. Kelly Rowland gives an amazing performance as Luscious' mum. And then Andre, I didn't like him much in season 1 but his character is becoming more loveable. And Hakeem 's too well until the final vote. Thirsty the lawyer, wow that dude is the dirtiest lawyer in the country but hey it wouldn't hurt to have Thirsty in your corner LOL. Cookie and Luscious seem to be getting slower and dumber.  I wonder why? Poor Jamal is so irrelevant this season, I think the gay thing has overshadowed whatever momentum he had built from season 1. Lyet's talk about Freda, that girl is an amazing rapper. i believe she killed Hakeem in the rap battle.

I think the show needs better people behind the scenes. I cant honestly jump for joy and say i am looking forward to season . But if the writers can do more and Jamal stops singing, i will be happy.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ever has a food crave you desperately had to fill?

Well I had been craving a juicy burger with a massive side of fries and yet somehow, the options I found were rather poor and way too expensive. So I decided I would make mine. I'm no stranger to making food at home, I mean I make my own pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches and toasties, even my own Chapman, so obviously I'm very picky about my food. But I had never made a burger. So I decided to pull up all the years of watching Guy Fieri on Triple D on the Food Network and made myself the juicy burger I was craving.

I got the buns from a supermarket – about 6 buns for N250. I make my own bread at home sometimes but it takes too much time, doesn't last as long as the store bought bread and well I certainly didn’t have the time. Had some minced meat left over in the freezer from a previous shop so just got some avocados and lettuce. Any ways on to the recipe :)

 Bread buns, half an avocado, 2 spring onions, an egg, tomato, salt, black pepper, Thai fish sauce, olive oil,  lettuce, string beans, minced meat, ketchup, mayo and of course chilli sauce. (I didn't use breadcrumbs) I also threw in a slice of Cheddar.

My burger :) 

After the mincemeat had thawed out, I diced one of the spring onions (green part included) threw it in, added the salt, black pepper, all-purpose seasoning and a little olive oil, mixed it with my hands and rolled them into balls and let them sit in the fridge to set for about 20 minutes.

Then I tossed the onions in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil, and when they started to get a bit soft, threw in 4 string beans, added a dash of the fish sauce and let it cook for about a minute more.
Next put the flattened mince in the pan with very little oil, covered to pan grill. Flipped over fter about 3 minutes. Both sides. There was a slight char which I like. And after about an extra minute it was ready. Got the egg fried flat- no extra seasoning added.

Oops I forgot the avocados, I mashed the avocado while the mince was in the pot and set it aside.

Building the Sandwich
Got a generous portion of mayo on both sides of the bun, added everything, including a little dash of chilli sauce and ketchup, and forgot to add a slice of tomato which I lightly charred in that same pan!
I have to admit, that was one yummy burger! It tasted better than anything I've paid for in a long, long time plus I made it all myself. If I had to put a total cost on the ingredients I used, it cost me less than N150.

I had no fries, cos I forgot to get some potatoes. But I'm definitely making more burgers and you should too. It took me just about 15 minutes not including the setting time for the mincemeat. 

Don't forget to send me a picture when you make a burger- remember you can always play around with the ingredients.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The 3rd of September worldwide is knows as Sky Scraper Day - a day dedicated to the amazing works of architecture called well, Sky Scrapers. I realized Nigeria is nowhere near Hong Kong -the Sky Scraper capital of the world, but we’ve had our own form of architecture. Credit has to be given to the Benin Kingdom, for preserving their history as much as they could.

While we have in ancient times, had some of our own architectural marvels, looting during the colonial era, poor maintenance and general neglect may undoubtedly have had played a part in these either been destroyed or barely existing. 

I thought about it and I figured while we may have lost some of these beautiful works, something which we have and cannot be taken or lost are the customs and traditions of our people which are passed down from generation to generation via word of mouth. Most of these have largely remained unchanged, although some may have been modified thanks to westernization and distortion.

I did some research on the subject and decided to take it further by speaking about it on my radio show to get more responses and increase the amount of beliefs (largely taboos) I was able to dig up ( BTW it's on Cool FM PH 1am - 5am)
  • According to the people from Idemili & Njaba (Eastern Nigeria) it is taboo to kill a python as they are seen as messengers of the gods.
  • According to the Tiv’s (Benue State) it is taboo for a female to cross over the spot where a dog died, as she would become barren. 
  • The Ikwerre's (Rivers State) state it is a taboo to have sex on the floor or a farm.
  • According to the Eshans (Edo State) Couples should not have sex at noon, as this would result in them having an albino child.
  • According to the Ibo’s Kola nuts are not served at funerals, as Kola is a symbol of life and not death. Women on periods are also not allowed to serve Kola nuts.
  • In Ekpeye land (Rivers State) it is taboo for women to women to go fishing.
  • Listener says in Ibo land, Suicide is a taboo and the family of the deceased must pay the penalty, and no one attends the burial.
  • In Okrika (Rivers State) a person with injury, crippled or blind will not be buried in the ground. He or she is thrown into the Swamps. Same applies for persons suspected of being witches.
  • According to the Yoruba's Yams must not be kicked as the culprit will become lame.
    According to Yoruba legend, Yam was once a man, hence it should be respected.
  • According to the Idoma's (Benue State) when a king dies, it’s a taboo to mourn at the funeral.
  • In Igala land, (Kogi State) it is forbidden for a woman to kill an animal. It is also wrong for a woman to go to the King's palace without tying a wrapper. (I had to tie a wrapper over my jeans)
  • According to the Urhobo's (Delta State) it is forbidden to split fire wood at night when the moon is full, as the person could become a statue. 
  • According to the Hausa's a man may not eat in the home of his wife’s parents and they may not eat in his home, as it will prevent his wife from bearing children.
Looking at some of the laws, there may be a reason why some of the laws are put in place.  Like with the Ikwerre tradition of not having sex on the floor or farm, chances are most likely, sex on a farm (far away in the bush) might actually be rape and that law may have been put in place to discourage that. a prime location for rape has to be the lonely farm paths, far away from domestic communal dwellings. 

Having sex at noon in pre colonial times may have been seen as laziness, as one would expect that a man would be at his farm working or fishing, while the wife should be cooking and taking care of the children. 

Kings in Africa are often seen as close counterparts of gods and mourning their death may make them seem more like a mortal being - which in a way could reduce the power they exert over their people. 

In the Ekpeye Kingdom where women are discouraged from fishing, it could be as a result of women being seen as weaker than men and not being able to withstand the turbulent seas. Same applies to killing of animals in Igala land (I think this may be related to hunting)

Splitting firewood at night in the dark is a sure way to injury and this may have been put in place to discourage injury, as well as a woman cooking too late at night for her family. 
Yams are respected food in Nigeria, as they are expensive, were used as legal tender and also easily bruise.  A bruised yam will spoil faster and that of course would lead to waste.  

What taboos exist in your hometown? Are they enforced? 
What are your thoughts?

Friday, 28 August 2015

Want to study in the UK with a part scholarship?

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Message from Zibby :

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

We meet people all the time, like all the time. Some we know we probably don't care much for, some we know have a spark, and some well just don't really make much of an impression. I think from the first time, we have an idea of what group that person falls in.

Sometimes God sends someone into your life at a certain time when you need them. Maybe you don't even need them. But when things unfold, you get that "Ah" moment, when everything suddenly becomes clear. And then you start to wonder at how amazing God is. And how he is the master planner. How the dots connect, to form the big picture.

That person you met could potentially be the dot at a very important spot on that diagram. Or a piece of the puzzle. But all in all, that person's presence makes things different. It could be different in a positive way or even negatively, but as with every situation in life, there is a lesson to be learned.

Regarding this article, it's all positive (so far) thankfully :)

I was inspired to write this by a friend - actually kinda family - i didn't know I had. Hahaha I know it's funny but that's for another day.

But the lesson is "Everything happens for a reason. Even the most random insignificant things. We don't always know it but God does. And he reveals it - at the right time, when you can understand. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

In 2004 or 2005, I was watching The Weakest Link on a BBC Channel. In fact, that remains one of my favorite TV shows, as i always liked to see how much i knew compared to the contestants.
On that episode, there was a blind man on as a contestant named Ife. As soon as i saw his name and looked hard at him, i knew immediately he was Nigerian. I was curious to see how he would do.

Amazing thing is Ife the blind man was the strongest link on all rounds. I was amazed. He didn't get any question wrong. I was amazed. How on earth could this Blind man be so intelligent? Even when Anne Robinson in her typical way asked him what color of dress she was wearing, he laughed and said black. (now everyone knows Anne wears black every single episode) She asked him in her usua sarcastic way to describe her dress, he chuckled and said "it's a lovely one".

At the final round, the 2 remaining contestants tactically voted Ife out as he undoubtedly would have won the grand prize. For the first time, i notices Anne'd voice tremble. she must have been really mad. I was almost in tears at those 2 contestants, heck i doubt i have ever felt such anger at random people i would never ever meet in real life.

Fast forward to 2013, at some Nigerian association meeting, i bumped into Ife. I could not believe it. same dark glasses, same cane, same loud laughter, happy grin and a girl holding him. I ran up to him and i asked him, are you Ife from The Weakest Link? He laughed out loud and said yes indeed, it was him! I couldn't believe it, i had watched this man on TV, was inspired by him, thought about him alot and now i had seen him in person. He had such an amazing and positive aura. I asked if i could hug him, he laughed again and opened his arms and i jumped in. I was almost in tears.

I told him how upset I was about the way he was voted off, he laughed and told me how a viewer had sent him  £100 through the BBC. He received the cheque as the viewer was upset about how he was voted off. I asked him how he knew all that he knew. He laughed again and said he reads alot plus TV & radio. I was amazed. Here was a blind man, yet he was probably the most intelligent person i had ever met. If you watch the weakest link, you would understand how diverse and random the questions are. And this blind man knew the answer to ALL the questions he was asked.

I kept hugging him, i couldn't help it. Thank goodnesss i didn't knock him over. But this man had inspired me and possibly millions more who watched him on TV. And almost 10 years later, i met him. Still as happy and positive and charming as when he was on TV. I wish i could have asked for his number, but hey in England you just don't do that lol. I wish i could see him again or speak to him at least. But the lesson i learned from him will remain with me forever.

Ife didn't let himself be limited by his condition, rather he embraced it and is living life to the fullest.

What excuse do I have to limit myself? Absolutely none.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Eze Goes To School by Onuora Nzekwu & Michael Crowder (1966)

As a child I always loved reading. My dad always spoke about a book called Eze Goes To School and when I finally got a copy as a child, I was so excited. I read the book and absolutely loved it. It always remained on my mind.

I saw a tweet from Rio Ferdinand some time last year asking for books he could get for his children. I suggested Eze Goes To School. And it got me thinking; my dad was an adult and yet loved that book so much. Maybe I should read it again, through an adult’s eyes and see if I felt the same way.
I went to a bookshop and I must say I was disappointed that there was not a huge selection of the African titles I had read as a child and loved. 

In fact while I was at secondary school (FGC PH) I would sneak to the library and spend hours reading the African literature books there. I say sneak cos when you are in the in crowd, no one wants to see you at the library (LOL)

Reading the book I was amazed, as literally 50 years after that book was written, things have not changed much. In fact we can say they have gone slightly worse. 50 years! Some things stood out to me and if I try to write them in-depth, we probably would not have enough space. So I’ve decided to outline issues raised - then and now:

The Adi family are relatively comfortable, they have all they need with Okonkwo Adi (Eze’s father0 a successful farmer and his mother assisting with small gardening and selling of products in the market. However all this changes after Eze’s father dies, and the family start to live in relative poverty.
It is inferred that Ulu is married off to a soldier, due to the poverty they were living in.

Lack of education
Eze’s father while illiterate knows about the importance of education. On the way to school for the first time, the women chide Eze’s mother for letting him go to school despite his father’s wishes.  That is a reflection of their illiteracy and ignorance. Amazingly in 2015, there are still a lot of people who are opposed to a formal education.  Some of these people have gone the extreme route to abduct and kill innocent children in schools to scare parents and discourage a western education.

Child marriage
Eze’s older sisterUlu is given out in marriage to a soldier who lives in Northern Nigeria. While Ulu’s age is not specified in this book, it is assumed she is a few years older than Eze. At the start of the book, Eze is 7 years old. Considering family planning was not exactly known in that time in the village of Ahia, it’s probable she may have been about 10 years old. At the time she gets married, it’s about 3 or 4 years after Eze starts school, putting her age at about 13 or 14. In Nigeria and certain other parts of Africa and Asia, children are still being forced into marriages. Sadly all over the world, children are still victims of child abuse by pedophiles.

Gender inequality
Gender inequality is shown in this book so many times.  Eze’s sister Ulu who is a few years older than him is never sent to school as she is “a girl”. The only girl in the school at Ama – Chinwe faces a lot of discrimination. She is only sent to school as her parents had been to the big city and had seen the benefits of an n educated child, especially as she was an only child. If Chinwe’s parents had a son, chances are Chinwe may not have had the privilege to be educated.

Even Okonkwo Adi, Eze’s father warns Eze to never be beaten in his schoolwork by a girl. Amazing thing is Eze did not seem to think of Chinwe as any different, until his father had that conversation with him.  It proves that children are indeed influenced by the words and actions of the adults around them. In the book, Eze’s mother is not ever called by her name. Unlike the other characters. Even Ulu is named. 

Eze’s mother not being addressed by name could be a reflection of the perceived insignificance of females in the era. However this could be a deliberate act by the authors, to highlight the turmoil she faces as a woman who is not listened to by her in-laws.  It could also be a writing style similar to that of the main character in Ayi Kwei Armah’s the Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, with the main character referred to as “The Man”.

Not much has changed in 60 years regarding gender equality. While there are some perks of being a woman, in Africa women still face exactly the same battles Eze’s mother, Chinwe and Ulu fight.

In-law interference
60 years ago, widows were victimized in Nigeria. Eze’s mother loses all her husband’s property after they were misused,wasted and seized by her in-laws. Despite her protests against the extravagance and worry for her children’s future, she was ignored, abused and ostracized by her husband’s brothers, except Old Chike.

Even when she had to seek their assistance to pay Eze’s fees, his family refused to offer any help. While some did it cos they truly did not care for education, some others like Iwe refused to help for selfish reasons.  Iwe had hoped his own son would be the first child to finish from school in the Ahia community and saw Eze as a threat to his ambition.

With the African tradition of the bride price being accepted on behalf of the family by the males only, Same Iwe had to stand in as the male figure in the Adi’s family when Ulu got married. Hence, he seized the entire amount received from Ulu’s husband which could have helped to alleviate the suffering of Eze and his mother.

In 2015, a lot of women still go through the in-law interference in marriages. In Nigeria, there are no laws protecting women from in-laws carting away property and money after the death of the husband. in fact, in-laws are known to cause problems in families with their intrusion, even when the husband is living. A poll I conducted on twitter a year ago concluded that 70% of marital problems in Nigeria are due to in-law interference.

Eze Adi and his colleagues from Ama were bullied seriously when they arrived at the township school in Ama. They were regarded as “bush” by the township pupils. However regardless of where they came from, they would have been tested anyways. It has almost become acceptable that new children in school face some sort of discrimination and bullying when they start school. It happened in the 1950s and it is still happening now.
It is not acceptable and should be discouraged, Interestingly, Eze himself becomes a bully, as when he is back home from Mr. Okafor’s house, he bullies and beats up the children of his uncles whom he deems responsible for his suffering. Eze was a victim, as much as his little cousins were.

Child Slavery/Abuse
Eze had to work hard to assist with the payment for his school fees. Included selling oranges he had gathered in the market, setting traps for animals and eventually writing letters for illiterate villagers. Now back then it may not have been considered child abuse, but in 2015 it is considered a form of child abuse, especially when the child is so young and should be in school.

Eze was 8 years old when he began to work actively to pay his fees. In a traditional setting (then and now) because of lower risks, it may be allowed to stand. But in an urban setting with the fear of crime and violence against children, indeed it should be illegal. However children still hawk and work very hard to earn a living. I am all for children assisting their parents even at a young age, as long as they have adult supervision, but it’s very difficult to condone it when these children are left on their own.

Eze is sent to live with Mr Okafor, to help him in his home so Mr. Okafor can pay his fees. Mr. Okafor treats Eze as one of his children so it is fair and good. However not all children are as lucky as Eze these days. Children are still being sent to live with relatives and sometimes strangers due to poverty. A lot of these kids are not treated well and there are many cases reported almost daily of the abuse they suffer.

Reckless Driving
Eze suffers severe fractures and remains in hospital for 3 weeks after he is involved in an accident.  The driver was described as a reckless driver with no regard for traffic rules or the safety of his passengers, despite them cautioning him. Sadly, some passengers in that vehicle lost their lives in that accident.

2015, we still have a lot of reckless drivers who still have no respect for traffic safety and unfortunately lead people to early graves. Another accident due to reckless driving is mentioned in the Chinua Achebe book “Chike And The River”.

This book was written in the 1960s. This is 2015.Have things changed much?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

This Podcast special is a tribute to Michael Jackson.

MJ at the Grammy Awards

Michael Joseph Jackson- The King of POP, tragically passed on on this day, 25th June 2009. He was murdered by his physician Conrad Murray who administered a lethal dose of propofol to him at his home while preparing for his "This Is It" Concerts in the UK. He was just 50 years old.

And yes, that's Zibby and MJ :D

To download on 4shared (perfect for mobiles) Please click HERE  (just 8mb)

To listen on Youtube, Please click HERE

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Newest couple BB Hotshots's Mira from Mozambique and Nigerian artiste Ketchup cant keep their hands off each other.
The tongues can't stop wagging about them as well.
Mira posted this video of the happy couple yesterday.

Just in case you missed it. here it is:)

Love indeed is a beautiful thing xx

Monday, 1 June 2015

Happy June!!

Now June is the 6th part of the year and marks the first half of a year gone. So congratulations, you are officially half way thru 2015!

All over the world, today is "Say Something Nice About Someone Day". It was a theme on my radio show ( Cool Over Night Lounge Mon-Sat 1am on Cool FM PH) and I decided to tweak it a bit, to say something nice about someone who has hurt you. This was meant to be a topic of discussion for listeners, little did I know, it would be therapy for me.

As I started speaking about the subject, I realised I had been angry at some people from my past and present. I realised that I needed to actually let go so I could feel the peace in my heart I was depriving myself of, through feelings of anger. When you are angry and the object of your anger has no clue, you are causing yourself pain. What's the damn point of torturing yourself? Moreover you have most definitely annoyed people too.

So first person I forgave on air was a teacher from secondary school I had held a grudge against for so many years. And I said something nice about him. This was on air. Immediately I felt lighter. I felt a surge of joy. And I'm thinking wow, I need to let go of more anger so this feeling can be intensified.

Some people had annoyed me quite recently. And I decided I was going to let go. And I have. Now this time I didn't say it out on air. I feel very happy. I feel free. The feeling of Joy has intensified. Because I freed myself, from anger and resentment.

I want you to feel this joy I have right now. Please let go, forgive and move past whoever has annoyed you. You should not make yourself suffer twice. I know it may not be easy for you, but make a conscious effort to say it loud and call that person"s name and tell them you forgive them. You don't need to tell them to their face. Just say. It, mean it and get rewarded with joy you can't even express in words.
You have no reason to start a new month, or a new week, or even a new day with these negative feelings lingering.

In fact a scientific research carried out by Duke University Medical Centre determined that people who quarrel
with family and friends spend more money on healthcare as they are more frequently ill than those who do not. Forgiveness is not only good for you psychologically, its also good for your health and your bank account!

You deserve to be happy.
You deserve the Joy.


Friday, 29 May 2015

It's a new dawn in Nigeria.

We have a new President - President Muhammadu Buhari , who once ruled Nigeria in a Military regime back in the 1980s. He takes over from former President Goodluck Jonathan, who ruled Nigeria as vice president and later as president after the passing of President Umaru Musa Yaradua.

Now we know alot of sectors need to be fixed in Nigeria.

In your opinion, which of these sectors must President Buhari start of working on immediately?

Pres Muhammadu Buhari

What should President Buhari work on immediately?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I noticed things had sort of cooled down between BB Hotshots housemtes Mira from Mozambique and Luis from Namibia.
Now Mira was very famous for her striking good looks, her kiss with another housemate and of course her love for Jameson. While Luis, well was remembered for attempting to jump over a 3 ft wall.
While they started a romance in the house, it was cut short after Mira was evicted after 1 week in the game. I don't remember much of Luis so can't recall when he was evicted. Infact Luis released a song entitled Mira, Mira on the wall which no one ever got to hear.

I had been hearing info that Luis had been hanging out with a particular not liked housemate and her sister, other sources said that sister had a thing with him. (not proven)

Enter Ketchup, Nigerian artiste who is famous for his "Show Me The Rozay" song. He has been in SA for a while now.
Boy mets girl, girl meets boy---> sparks fly :)
Sources say Mira has been cast as Ketchup's love interest in one of his videos and reliable sources say it's a steamy video.

Reliable sources say the chemistry has moved on from set and they are now an item.

Mira has not officially confirmed the relationship, but hey she doesn't need to. She says they are friends (sure) The writing is on the wall :)

They make a cute and well matched couple. We hope certain other parties stay out of this blossoming relationship

Listen to Mira's interview on the BBA Podcast here
Mira's twitter handle is @myss_kiki and Ketchup's is @iam_ketchup

Bye Bye crooked roads ;)

Monday, 25 May 2015

With all thats's been going on all over the world, i decided to dig deep and do some research on racism. I found so many articles, journals, books, podcasts and videos. Some argued racism was everywhere, others said it was a mind thing, some said both blacks and whites are racist. infact it was too much information to digest without getting emotional.

And finally when I decided I was done with the research as it was getting me depressed, i came across this video. It chronicles life as a black and a white person, and is based on actual scientific research.

Watch and be shocked.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

And the video is finally here!

Big Brother Africa Hotshots housemate, Sipe Chitambo from Malawi has dropped the video for her single "Ndalama".

Sipe, the glam queen is also a Fashion & Hair Stylist and also owns a modelling agency in her country. She was a runner up on Big Brother Africa Hotshots in December 2014, where she showcased her talent as a singer and a fashionista.
And yes, her interview for the BBA POdcast will be posted very soon :)
Her twitter handle is @sipherile_glam

Sipe, the glam queen

Watch the video below

Friday, 22 May 2015

Naija is blessed with gorgeous and of course very successful people - male and female.
With all the guys packing up the heat, we've decided to find out who Naija's Most Eligible Bachelor is. Of Course all nominees are gorgeous and very successful in their respective fields and also well, bachelors ;)

Vote Now, For Nigeria's Most Eligible Bachelor

Record Exec, Don Jazzy

Singer & Record Exec, Banky W

Recording Artiste, Lynxx

Model, Actor & Reality TV Star, Melvin Oduah

Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu

Media Boss, Noble Igwe

Who is Nigeria's Most Eligible Bachelor

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ladies and gentlemen,
7 days ago we embarked on a quest to find Naija's best dressed celebrity.
You were asked to Vote from a pool of gorgeous Naija men ( See Poll here )

You have voted and Tayo Faniran , Model, Actor, Singer & Reality TV Star has emerged winner!!
Congratulations Tayo!

Tayo Faniran 
Your votes for your winner

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It’s my birthday and boy am I thrilled!

Now I’m not one of those people who are overly excited about birthdays, cos it seems like everyone get’s excited for me. And I’m not even kidding. I see birthdays as a time to reflect on how far  you have come in a year and how to get to the next point by the next year.

I've always said I’m not doing anything and then a few days to D-Day, the fever kicks in thanks to the people around me and then yes, I do something – party, dinner, something. And we all have a great time. I remember for my 21st, I told my friends I was def not doing anything, I was going to just go out solo, have a meal and reflect. I almost got lynched by them. Insisted it was my birthday and I called the shots. 

I ended up having a crazy fun party. And then my dad’s friends heard it was my birthday,they insisted I had to come over,  I was on a flight next day to Warri (those free shell flights were the best!!!)It was a massive party and I was the youngest person at my party. So from no party, I had TWO (2) parties on my 21st! Talk about a slam dunk!  When rich Shell guys throw you a party, you can only imagine the gifts I got. Epic!

Back to the present, I feel truly blessed. Like all the pieces of my life are falling into place. Last year’s birthday was pretty good, although this year, I feel a whole lot happier. I've got the love and support of my family, met so many amazing people – I truly am blessed!!

I think my birthday gift to myself is finally driving myself in Port Harcourt (yay)
I've just returned from a shoot and basically my mum arranged a mini party for me. It's been great :)

These pics just show how far I've come. More on my Instagram @countess_zibby

Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

Can you spot me?
At work a few hours ago, thanks Kofi for this picture :)

Best Birthday Cake ever, yep that is MJ and I :)

Friday, 15 May 2015

About 10 years ago, there was a sort of stigma associated with online dating. it was seen as a last resort for the undesirables. However online dating has evolved to become more socially acceptable in recent times as compared to the initial perception. In fact, some people have gone on to have very happy relationships and marriages which started from the world wide web.  While online dating may refer to paying for subscriptions on dating websites, the term has also grown to include social media.

Some celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlie sheen, Orlando Bloom and Lindsey Lohan have admitted signing up to dating sites, with Orlando trying to find love on Facebook using a friend's profile picture and name. Dancing with the stars host Carrie Ann Inaba actually found her fiancee on eharmony. Actress Essence Atkins met her husband on In fact i remember reading somewhere that the founder of's girlfriend dumped him for a man she met on Oh the Irony!

Online dating is a useful dating method which could yield positive results if used wisely. Security is top of the list on the checklist for online dating.  Here are 7 ways to protect yourself;

1. Do not rush into a meeting or a relationship. Give yourself time to study the person and decide if you want to meet. Remember you are not obliged to meet if you don't want to.

2. Get verifiable details, through email before you meet. Do not use your private email.

3. Do not give out personal information. If you decide to call after communication over a reasonable time frame, ask for the phone number and hide your number while calling.

4. Make sure you meet in an open place, during the day. for your own safety. Never leave your bag (theft) or drink unattended (spiked drinks)

5. Do not give out your home address. Remember that person is still a stranger regardless of how often you talk via email or social media.

6. Always let your family/friends know who you are meeting and where you are meeting. give them a call when you are there and are with him (Heck, try to sneak in a picture of who you are meeting if you can and email to someone -okay maybe OTT but worth a shot)

7.  If the date doesn't go well, you do not have to see the person again. Don't feel pressured. Say goodbye politely and leave.

So those are & basic safety tips to protect yourself while on the hunt for love in Cyberspace.
However one rule is the the ultimate and must be done before any of the following steps even come up. It's 3 words - GOOGLE THAT PERSON.

If that person has no cyber footprint, chances are that person isn't human. See what you can find on the web about the person you are communicating with. Facebook is a good start to see if they are single or taken. Google can also tel you if they are a wanted felon. GOOGLE! :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It's no secret that Naija is blessed with gorgeous men.
Also it's certainly out in the open that there are alot of very stylish men here.
Now the question is, who is Nigeria's best dressed man??
Vote Now :)

Who is Naija's best dressed male celeb?

Monday, 11 May 2015

If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard someone curse NEPA or PHCN out loud. Actually it happens all the time. Hear people scream for joy when the lights are back on.
Its really sad that in 2015 we still can not have stable electricity.

Back at uni in England, one of my oyibo tutors brought up the issue of lack of electricity in Nigeria. I actually tried to hide under the desk, i was so ashamed.
I felt every one was looking at me and the other Nigerians like we were some alien life form from a different galaxy (LOL) My friend from Kuwait turned to me an asked if it was true, i had to admit it was. But people used generators. So he said, ah okay the government gives you generators and i said no and tried to hide further under the desk. He went on to ask if the government at least provided the petrol to power the generators. I shook my head and began to wish for a shovel to dig a hole i could hide in. He couldn't understand why the world's 8th largest oil producing country could not generate electricity for it's citizens. I still can't understand it either.

I tried to open a bank account with a bank relatively close to work a few weeks ago, and i needed a recent utility bill statement for it. I'm not even going to talk about water bills - never seen one in my life because everyone provides their own water anyways. So i went on a hunt for a recent PHCN bill and sadly there was none. I have not had power in my house for months, so at least the PHCN staff were sensible enough to not to bother to bring a bill. No bank account for me. In my house the generator is almost always on, and i get depressed thinking about the amount of money we spend on diesel. Money which could be put towards good use. In fact, i know a lot of people who have no ee=electricity and are still sent bills.

I work at Cool FM, located at Rumuosi in Port Harcourt. There has been no power in the community from PHCN for 3 months. It's a massive complex housing 3 24-hour radio stations. You can about guess how overworked the generators are and of course the crazy amount spent on diesel for the generators. I think enough is enough.
The government and PHCN have to sort out this mess, as there are reports coming from all over the city about the terrible electricity supply.

There is a vicious cycle of problems arising from this lack of electricity:

1. Increase in fire related accidents due to storage of petrol in homes/businesses for generator use.
2. Environmental pollution, thanks to fumes from generators on every corner- could lead to respiratory illness.
3. Noise pollution (yes its a real thing) those generator sounds are horrible- could result in headaches
4. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning - thanks to inadequate ventilation.
5. Increase in crime rates- theft of generators (yes, people leave their generators outside and wake up to find them gone)
6. Businesses are forced to increase their prices, to make up for electricity costs, leading to loss of customers and general business failure.
7. Cases of illnesses like malaria increase- more windows open for air due to heat and of course the mosquitoes sneak in.
8. Security risks as people can not even hear their neighbors call for help, thanks to the generator sounds.
9. It drains your savings!!!
10. Lack of electricity is directly tied to extreme poverty.

This is an open call out to PHCN and all agencies/ministries involved in power generation. Do your jobs and give us electricity.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Days like this I wish things were different
Times like this I wish the puzzles were easy
Seconds like this I can only wish the words were written and true
As I long for tomorrow that I will never know

Your footprints firmly planted
Your voice echoes deep in my head
I plead for those treasured days to come back
Words I've longed to tell you
Things have hoped to happen

As I long and wait for that tomorrow I will never know
I wish I had taken things differently
I wish I had said those words
I wish...oh I wish....
I wish I had wished

But there are no time for regrets
I can only but cry and wish
As I stand with sands in my hands
The passage of tears left wide open
I bid you goodbye into your new world

The words of that moment
The sentence I received with huge smile
The words you had said with your teasing voice
I'm waiting my love..sleep not for I'll be here awake
Waiting for you to come home.

Nights have eluded me since you were gone
Tomorrow seems never to come
"I'll see you tomorrow" you had said
I'm here, waiting, hoping to see
The tomorrow that I will never know


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the Eighteenth episode of the Zibby Show.

We are talking about the health crisis in west Africa due to Ebola and the Gaza situation.
In addition to all the craziness of course, there is laughter and humour.

listen, enjoy and share :)

For youtube, please click HERE

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
These are the tenth & eleventh episodes of The Zibby Show.

Special guest on this episode is world renowned Grammy winning Poet & Rapper J. Ivy
He talks about his work, family and winning a grammy alongside Jay Z and KAnye West. This interview is split into two episodes 10 & 11.

listen, enjoy and share :)

For youtube please click HERE (Ep 10) and HERE
(Ep 11)

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the seventeenth episode of the Zibby Show.

On this episode Zibby talks about creating a fund for the families of Army personnel killed in the line of duty. She also talks about Nigerian church behaviour.
The Huge Unveiling is also done on this episode, it should not be missed.

listen, enjoy and share :)

For youtube, please click HERE

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the sixth episode of the Zibby Show.

Special guest on this episode is Olympic Gold medalist, AFCON winner and premiership footballer from Cameroon Patrick Suffo

listen, enjoy and share :)

For youtube, Please click HERE

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the sixteenth episode of the Zibby Show.

Exclusively dedicated to Zibby. Its Zibby's birthday and this is a no holds barred conversation about her.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the fifteenth episode of the Zibby Show.

We speak about the sad rise of terrorism in Nigeria.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the first episode of the Zibby Show.

We talk about the Immigration Service exam, which became a massacre leading to the death of about 15 people.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the thirteenth episode of the Zibby Show.

Episode is about the alleged Obesere rape scandal, motivation and a dissection of Alexander Mccall Smith's book.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the twelfth episode of the Zibby Show.

We talk about the Nigerian Centenary and all th drama that comes along with it.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the ninth episode of the Zibby Show.

A very special announcement is unveiled on this episode, also an indepth analysis of Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah and valentines day shout outs.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the eigth episode of the Zibby Show.

This episode is about Western influences on Nigerian Social behaviour.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the Seventh episode of the Zibby Show.

Zibby talks about the Nigerian New year!

listen, enjoy and share :)

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the fifth episode of the Zibby Show.

Zibby has a chat with Nigerin citizens who share their views on the stat of the nation's affairs.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the fourth episode of the Zibby Show.

We speak to victims of the alleged Stirling Bank scam on the Niger Delta Youth.

listen, enjoy and share :)

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Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the third episode of the Zibby Show.

On this episode, i speak to Melvin Oduah, reality TV star, model and actor .

listen, enjoy and share :)

For Youtube, Please click HERE

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the second episode of the Zibby Show.

On this episode, i answer questions people had on the origins and motives of The Zibby Show.

listen, enjoy and share :)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hey guys!

Welcome to THE ZIBBY SHOW - The Podcast.
This is the first episode of the Zibby Show.

Special guest on this episode is world renowned Composer and flautist Tee Mac Iseli.

listen, enjoy and share :)

For YOUTUBE, please click HERE

Today is a remarkable day in Nigerian history, as voters go to the polls to decide who will be the next leader of our great country.
While we pray for peace during and after the elections, its always a good idea to be security conscious.
I have compiled this list as a guide to staying safe during this election and subsequent elections. Please have this on your smartphones, print and pass along via word of mouth to others who many not have access to the internet.

Regardless of your political affiliation, your safety is a priority.

1.Leave for polling stations early. Most registered voters opted for locations close to their homes. pease go with the things you need, do not carry large bags to avoid suspicion.

2. Ensure you have some refreshment and water to avoid dehydration. dress comfortably.

3. When you arrive at polling stations, please be orderly. join the queue and do not cut the lines.

4. Do not argue with security officials. Ask questions politely if clarification is needed.

5. Do not engage in any form of political debates or discussion with anyone. While you may have your opinions, please keep them to yourself.

6. Survey your location. Identify possible alternate exit routes.

7. Always be alert. At any sense of disturbance, please move away as quickly as possible.

8. Ensure you have airtime on your phone, for easy communication and in the case of need to call for help.

9. Avoid taking pictures and videos. Professional pressmen are there to do the reporting. If you must take a picture, ensure you have permission and clearance from security officials to do so.

10. if you are going with friends/family, ensure you have a meeting spot where you have arranged to meet after voting. This is to ensure you are al aware of everyone's location.

11. Please do not loiter. Cast your vote and leave immediately to avoid crowding. There are professional monitoring teams to monitor. You can monitor results and updates from your home, via TV & Radio.

12. Please listen and obey instructions from INEC officials and security agents.

Please share.

@ZibbyJ @zibbyshow

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