Monday 27 January 2020

28 year old Damini Ogulu popularly called Burna Boy is at the moment, probably one of the biggest artistes to have come out of Nigeria. 

With a style of music that incorporates Dancehall, Afrobeats and Rap, Burna Boy dubbed The African Giant has taken not just Nigeria and Africa, but the world by storm. Born in Port Harcourt, his family showed a huge appreciation for good music, with his grandfather Benson Idonije, a well respected journalist who managed the career of the legendary Nigerian singer Fela Anikulapo Kuti. 

In 2002, his breakout track “Like To Party” became a nationwide hit and a party anthem played in clubs all over the country. Ever since then, Burna Boy has been on a steady rise although not without some controversy. Starting out with Aristokrat Records and an album produced by the very talented Leriq, Burna Boy stayed true to his style and didn’t try to move into the more commercially acceptable sounds other Nigerian artistes were part of. 

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Sunday 26 January 2020

Without a doubt, the biggest night of the music industry is the Grammys. All the A-list stars affiliated with music, movies and TV walk the red carpet amidst the glitz, glam and flashing lights. 

This year the Grammys are holding on the 26th of January and will be hosted by singer Alicia Keys. 
Some of the nominated artistes had an amazing run last year. Topping the charts and gaining world wide acclaim, from their music. These 3 artists stood out and will be the centre of the ceremony. 

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Just about a week ago, the world was  shocked to discover that a new virus had caused a wave of infection in the Chinese City of Wuhan. Not too much was known about the virus, but a few days later there were cases of fatalities reported. 

As at today, there are 41 confirmed fatalities, with 945 confirmed cases worldwide. France has just confirmed it’s first three patients. 

China and Nigeria have very close business ties, with thousands of travellers commuting between the countries weekly for business and personal reasons. With the cases of the Wuhan virus reported in other countries across Asia, the US and France, Nigeria is at risk. 

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Thursday 23 January 2020

Natacha Akide popularly referred to as Tacha, the Queen Of Titans can add serial entrepreneur to her list of titles. The 24 year old super influencer has just released a new line of clothing called the Titans Collections. The line was scheduled to be released on the 18th of January, and shortly after Midnight today, the collection was launched.

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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Eminem or Marshall Mathers according to his government-issued ID, is, without doubt, a talented rapper. He has sold millions of records all over the world including owning the privilege of being not just a Grammy-winning rapper, but also an Oscar winner and the first hip hop artists to be so honoured. 

Also known for his acting role in the movie 8 mile in which he plays a fictional version of himself, he is also one of Hollywood’s most proficient trouble makers. With his quick wit and his lyrical prowess, he’s taken shots at other big names in the industry using his music and raps as his weapons. 

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Natacha Ibinabo Akide is without a doubt one of the most talked about Nigerians from 2019. As a housemate on the hugely popular Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem, she left a huge mark on the reality TV show, despite her disqualification on the 89th day. Despite missing out on a chance to win the grand prize which she would have easily won, her rise to superstardom began on that day and she has continued to reach for the stars.

Before entering the Big Brother house, Tacha was a social media star and entrepreneur, who owned a line of products. She’d also worked as a make up artiste, all before she was 23 years old. 

While on the show, Tacha’s fiery temperament and mother hen attitude and unwavering loyalty to the she considered her friends amassed a loyal fanbase of supporters who proudly branded themselves as Titans.

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Just a few days ago, American rapper & actor Ludacris celebrated becoming a citizen of his wife’s home country, Gabon. While congratulations are in order for Ludacris, there are a few other American artistes who probably should be getting a Nigerian passport. 

Cardi B

Just a few weeks ago in December 2019, American Grammy winning Rapper Cardi B was in Nigeria to perform at a concert. While the concert was no doubt a huge success with a massive turnout, Cardi B was on a mission to sell Nigeria positively to the world. From showing the nightlife, to her luxurious hotel, to even visiting with children in an orphanage, Cardi loved it all. Just a few days ago after the news of America’s strike which led to the death of a top Iranian general, Cardi tweeted saying she was going to apply for a Nigerian passport. 

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Social media indeed has become a huge part of everyday living. While it originated as a way for friends and family members to keep up with each other, it has evolved into becoming a lifestyle tool that has the potential to not only enhance the quality of life but also help individuals develop personally and professionally. This article focuses on Instagram, even though these accounts all have Facebook and twitter accounts. 

These 10 accounts will give you knowledge, laughter and motivation which will help you 2020. They will provide the much needed value needed to make your Instagram timeline and space a much healthier and happier place. 

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You’re having a lazy day at home. Your significant other and your kids are running riot all over the house. You’ve all just had a huge lunch and the dishes are stacked in the kitchen sink, almost to the ceiling. You’re falling asleep on the couch, one leg flung carelessly on the sofa. Life seems perfect. Your iPhone rings and you grab it from your young son, who has turned it into his personal game console. 

You pick up the phone and hear your dear friend’s voice and realise you both haven’t spoken in a few weeks. You start to exchange pleasantries and then your friend drops the bombshell. They are with their family, heading back from a visit with their parents and they want to stop by at your home to say a quick hello. They are moving to Canada and want to say goodbye as they may not have the time to visit before they travel for good next week. They are just a few minutes from your house. 

It is no secret that the economy isn’t smiling favourably on most Nigerians. Apart from a few very privileged individuals, most people are feeling the pinch even if just a little bit. Irrespective of the situation, you and your family can still have a fabulous Birthday or Christmas Day lunch or dinner. 

Since the most consumed Nigerian food is rice, how about you give the sweet grain a miss this Christmas and try something else? This 3 course meal will feed a family of 5 comfortably, for just under N3,000. 

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It is very likely that you feel that flash of irritation when your phone vibrates and it's a debit alert from your bank. Nigerian banks seem to have a modus operandi of trying to take as much money as they can from your savings, without offering much in return. Unlike their foreign counterparts, who would entice you with cash rewards to open an account, offer free services like car and gadget insurance to make sure you benefit from being their customer. 

Each time you carry out a transaction, either by card, POS or online there is a charge. Sometimes you don't even need to do anything to pay a charge, you just need to be a customer. Card maintenance fee, COT, ATM withdrawal charge, transfer fee, account maintenance, SMS fee - the list is endless. 

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Is it possible that it is no coincidence that 3 of the world’s biggest fighting champions are Nigerian? 

Two months ago, current UFC Middleweight champion, 30 year old Israel Adesanya cruised to victory against Robert Whittaker in a stunning win. A highlight of the glorious moment was Israel dropping to the floor to greet his parents in the traditional Yoruba way. 

30 year old Anthony Joshua fought hard and destroyed ”the destroyer” Andy Ruiz Jr to reclaim the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, AJ came back from one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing.

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It’s no longer news that the most popular female rapper in the world Cardi B is in Lagos for a music festival. Thanks to her very active and intriguing instagram page, her over 59 million followers from all over the world have gotten a glimpse into Nigerian living that even some Nigerians are completely unaware of. 

Before Cardi B’s arrival, she had spoken about how she couldn’t wait to try out the world famous Nigerian Jollof rice. Over the years, Jollof rice has evolved from a luxury meal reserved for Sunday’s and special occasions to becoming a staple in most homes. Many have proposed that Jollof rice become the national dish, although in such an ethnically diverse nation like Nigeria it might be impossible. 

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