Monday 4 September 2017

As teenagers a lot of people had diaries that we recorded everything that was going on. I was one of those religious diary fillers. Sometimes I go over my old diaries and I laugh so much because it brings back alot of nostalgia.

As a radio presenter and an entrepreneur, i have a very packed and busy schedule. Add that to living in a hectic society like Nigeria and you have all the content you need for a movie! I decided it was time to document my daily activities, hopefully not just for entertainment but also to share my joys and my struggles, hoping that it could inspire someone, somewhere somehow.

I have to say - it is a massive challenge to balance all aspects of life - work, family, spiritual, society, relationships, finances....and much more. There will be alot of laughter, there will be some tears - It's my life.

Welcome to my world.

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Hiya, im Zibby and this is a brief intro about me :)

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