Tuesday 23 December 2014

Hey guys!

BBHotshot Tayo had a meet & greet session and a party later that evening on Saturday, in Lagos. Despite all the crazy traffic in Lagos on that day, #TeamTayo braved it all and turned up en masse to meet with Tayo and also attended the Party!

It was lovely to meet with Tayo, #TeamTayo and just hang out. After the meet & greet, we waited hours for the party and wow, was it all worth it. Lets just say we all partied like rockstars! High points of the evening was ~Teamtayo doing the Tayo frog jump dance with Tayo. Of course, there were models, actors, media execs, regular people (like me hahaha) and boy did every one have a great time. Drinks were over flowing -jameson, champagne and the huge platters of food -skewered kebabs, grilled chicken, barbecue, seafood..it was crazy! It was an amazing night, fit for a king.

Here are a few pics from the events. More pics & videos to come soon :)

#TEAMTAYO feel free to comment and tag urselves, and yes, take ur pics too :)

Thank you so much to the lovely @AdaIsichelli and @acoustichannah for these pictures :)


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