Monday 9 May 2016

I'm still in shock at how much venom and hate people in this country are filled with. Everyday on social media, i cringe and wonder about how we got here and how on earth we can ever move past this.
I'm amazed at how people hate each other based on ethnic/religious differences. It is disgusting really. While social media has allowed these hateful beings share their horrible thoughts, it also happens on the streets.

My colleague Enoh from Nigeria Info @Enigmacity had told me about a trip she had taken taken to The Gambia which is about 95% Muslim. Christians & Muslims live together with no division, eat together, celebrate the religious feast together and call every one Brother or sister. She did a post on Facebook warning against division among Nigerians, and the responses from some Nigerians on Facebook was particularly sad.

Screen grabs as shown below

 These human beings Paschal Nwankwo, James Kanu & Nelson Omoagbo showed their hearts by attacking and relentlessly raining abuses on Enoh for days! Infact i decided not to add more screen grabs as some of those posts were too horrible and graphic to read again.

The truth is these people are not aliens, they didn't fall off some space ship somewhere. They are the people we live in the same homes with, we work with them, we sit beside them in church, heck they are husbands, fathers and even teachers.

What Hope does Nigeria really have when people think this sort of divisiveness is acceptable?

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