Hello there, I’m Zibby and thanks for stopping by my website. 

I am a Writer, Podcaster and Radio Show Host. I’m also an Events Manager with an MSc in Project Management and a BSc in Microbiology. In addition to being CEO of  ZIBBY WORLD  MEDIA, I'm a daughter, sister and aunt who loves dogs, reading, swimming, travelling and food. I even have my own cooking show - ZIBBY CAN COOK. 

I am deeply in love with life and consider everyday a huge blessing. I don't believe there are strangers, just friends we’ve never met. Life is too short to not enjoy it - live, love and be happy! When I’m not in the studio working, chances are I’ll be in my study reading and writing or cooking in my kitchen.

My Cooking show, Podcasts and best bits from my Radio Shows are available for free on YouTube (Zibby Show), Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn. 

I’d love you to hear from you and hear about what projects you are working on, I could give some helpful advice too. Drop me an email - it’s zibby@thezibbyshow.com

We can also connect via social media too. 

Twitter: @PresidentZibby  
Instagram: @PresidentZibby
Facebook: facebook.com/thezibbyshow

PS: My Phone number is available on request. Aloha!!


  1. Congratulations... Keep flying

  2. Hi zibby show Lookalike Like Solange cute thought

  3. I never heard about you until you got to classic 973 and through your voice you sound fun and also have this emm naive voice but I love your show . One thing you are spot on is that life is short so be happy hope to hear from you

  4. It's nice to finally see what zibby looks like! Fundasimo!



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Hiya, im Zibby and this is a brief intro about me :)

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