Podcasting gives you a voice - it can help you brand yourself as an expert in your field as well as helping you develop skills useful for academia, business or even in your personal life. While it could be a tedious skill to learn, let me help you achieve your goal via a very easy process.

The FREE basic podcast course is offered to women only. We realise that women are underrepresented in various areas here in Nigeria and Africa. We also believe that women should be able to tell their own stories without being stifled. Teaching women to podcast could potentially help not just the women and their immediate families, but also their communities.

As a certified Project Manager and Contract manager, Zibby has vast experience with entrepreneurship and business. Along with her  team of business professionals, they are available to help you with your SME at any stage. From starting up (business planning) to event management, to strategy and even social media management, Zibby and her team are happy to assist you.

Content development is a skill which takes great planning and must be unique to suit all needs. If you require content and/or show prep for your website, radio and TV shows, please send us an email. Get fresh ideas at any time you need them - daily, weekly or monthly. Emailed direct to your inbox. All content is original and tailored to suit your unique needs. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


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Hiya, im Zibby and this is a brief intro about me :)

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