Tuesday 14 February 2017

I love wraps and I will eat anything in a wrap. It's my guilty pleasure.
I wanted to make brekkie for my brother and I, and decided it would Be a fun idea to make it a different way.
You should try this - not only is it amazing, but it's fun and you can add your own filling. Plus it saves a lot of money too 😊

1. eggs x3
2. Sausages x4
3. Avocado, half a regular size
4. Cheese (cheddar - I sliced thinly myself)
5. Pita bread (store bought - you can make his yourself)
6. Stir fried veg - tomatoes, green & yellow bell peppers, onions, 1 scotch bonnet pepper)
7. Potatoes ( 2 medium sized)
7. Mayo

1. Fry the sausages and set aside. Slice into chunks after it cools a bit.
2. Dice the veg and fry with some butter (not margarine - real butter)  add very little salt. Set aside
3. Scramble your eggs ( you could add cream to it)
4. Dice potatoes into cubs and fry.

Assembling the Wrap - the best part 😊
1. Put your wraps in a dry pan over low heat for about. 20 - 30 seconds on each side. Do not exceed this as it will become too crisp and won't fold over. You could also hold each wrap with tongs and put over an open flame on your cooker.
2. Lather your pita bread with some mayo and start assembling.
3. Spread your veg mix first at one side of the bread,  then layer with sausages, 0potatoes and scrambled eggs in hat order. Add the cheese slices and slices of avocado.
4. Now roll the pita bread close.
5. Set on a dish and slice in two to make it easier to handle. You could add barbecue sauce, ketchup, or sweet chilli sauce if you wish - I didn't 😊 Don't worry about the contents falling out of the wrap or juices running down, tastes better that way
6. Time to eat. If you have any wraps left over, wrap in foil and save for later.

I had 4 wraps using the ingredients above, so it's yummy.
The amazing hing about this dish is you can use anything for your filling! Be adventurous.
And share your variations 😊


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