Tuesday 23 December 2014


So The Zibby Show turned 1 on the 16th of December, 2014. yea a whole year of doing the Podcast. Its been great, and adding the BBA Podcast as a spin off has been absolutely amazing too. i'm thankful to all the wonderful people i've met.

Every now and then its a good idea to take a step back, see what you've achieved and think of how to improve even further. I've done this and i've decided that i need a co-host for The Zibby Show.
I've solely been researcher, script writer, host, editor, producer, director, promoter, marketer, advert person, website designer, graphics designer, all round techie and everything else (hahaha, i've done it all by myself) It's hectic but its all worth it.

I think it would be a lovely idea to involve some other people into The Zibby Show family, especially in the role of co-host(s)

Co-host requirements
*Great English language skills.
*Must have an amazing personality.
*Must be witty & have sharp instant responses.
*Must be open to new ideas and have ability to generate new ideas.
*No sex, age, racial or ethnic barriers- open to anyone from anywhere.
*Must be intelligent and all round knowledgeable
*Radio/TV experience or great presenting skills are required.
*Must have an active social media presence.
*Must ALWAYS have access to reliable & stable internet.
*Must be 100% committed to The Zibby Show

If you or someone you know easily fit this criteria and are interested in being a co-host on The Zibby Show,

Please contact me via twitter @ZibbyJ or send me an email to: zibbyshow (AT) gmail (DOT) com
You can also contact me via facebook at www.facebook.com/TheZibbyShow

Remember, its open to people from any country, sex, race, ethnicity. Zibby dont care :)

Please check out The Zibby Show's ither website to understand more about the show - Dont worry, both websites will be merged VERY soon :) www.thezibbyshow.webs.com

Hey guys!

BBHotshot Tayo had a meet & greet session and a party later that evening on Saturday, in Lagos. Despite all the crazy traffic in Lagos on that day, #TeamTayo braved it all and turned up en masse to meet with Tayo and also attended the Party!

It was lovely to meet with Tayo, #TeamTayo and just hang out. After the meet & greet, we waited hours for the party and wow, was it all worth it. Lets just say we all partied like rockstars! High points of the evening was ~Teamtayo doing the Tayo frog jump dance with Tayo. Of course, there were models, actors, media execs, regular people (like me hahaha) and boy did every one have a great time. Drinks were over flowing -jameson, champagne and the huge platters of food -skewered kebabs, grilled chicken, barbecue, seafood..it was crazy! It was an amazing night, fit for a king.

Here are a few pics from the events. More pics & videos to come soon :)

#TEAMTAYO feel free to comment and tag urselves, and yes, take ur pics too :)

Thank you so much to the lovely @AdaIsichelli and @acoustichannah for these pictures :)


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