Friday 29 May 2015

It's a new dawn in Nigeria.

We have a new President - President Muhammadu Buhari , who once ruled Nigeria in a Military regime back in the 1980s. He takes over from former President Goodluck Jonathan, who ruled Nigeria as vice president and later as president after the passing of President Umaru Musa Yaradua.

Now we know alot of sectors need to be fixed in Nigeria.

In your opinion, which of these sectors must President Buhari start of working on immediately?

Pres Muhammadu Buhari

What should President Buhari work on immediately?

Tuesday 26 May 2015

I noticed things had sort of cooled down between BB Hotshots housemtes Mira from Mozambique and Luis from Namibia.
Now Mira was very famous for her striking good looks, her kiss with another housemate and of course her love for Jameson. While Luis, well was remembered for attempting to jump over a 3 ft wall.
While they started a romance in the house, it was cut short after Mira was evicted after 1 week in the game. I don't remember much of Luis so can't recall when he was evicted. Infact Luis released a song entitled Mira, Mira on the wall which no one ever got to hear.

I had been hearing info that Luis had been hanging out with a particular not liked housemate and her sister, other sources said that sister had a thing with him. (not proven)

Enter Ketchup, Nigerian artiste who is famous for his "Show Me The Rozay" song. He has been in SA for a while now.
Boy mets girl, girl meets boy---> sparks fly :)
Sources say Mira has been cast as Ketchup's love interest in one of his videos and reliable sources say it's a steamy video.

Reliable sources say the chemistry has moved on from set and they are now an item.

Mira has not officially confirmed the relationship, but hey she doesn't need to. She says they are friends (sure) The writing is on the wall :)

They make a cute and well matched couple. We hope certain other parties stay out of this blossoming relationship

Listen to Mira's interview on the BBA Podcast here
Mira's twitter handle is @myss_kiki and Ketchup's is @iam_ketchup

Bye Bye crooked roads ;)

Monday 25 May 2015

With all thats's been going on all over the world, i decided to dig deep and do some research on racism. I found so many articles, journals, books, podcasts and videos. Some argued racism was everywhere, others said it was a mind thing, some said both blacks and whites are racist. infact it was too much information to digest without getting emotional.

And finally when I decided I was done with the research as it was getting me depressed, i came across this video. It chronicles life as a black and a white person, and is based on actual scientific research.

Watch and be shocked.

Saturday 23 May 2015

And the video is finally here!

Big Brother Africa Hotshots housemate, Sipe Chitambo from Malawi has dropped the video for her single "Ndalama".

Sipe, the glam queen is also a Fashion & Hair Stylist and also owns a modelling agency in her country. She was a runner up on Big Brother Africa Hotshots in December 2014, where she showcased her talent as a singer and a fashionista.
And yes, her interview for the BBA POdcast will be posted very soon :)
Her twitter handle is @sipherile_glam

Sipe, the glam queen

Watch the video below

Friday 22 May 2015

Naija is blessed with gorgeous and of course very successful people - male and female.
With all the guys packing up the heat, we've decided to find out who Naija's Most Eligible Bachelor is. Of Course all nominees are gorgeous and very successful in their respective fields and also well, bachelors ;)

Vote Now, For Nigeria's Most Eligible Bachelor

Record Exec, Don Jazzy

Singer & Record Exec, Banky W

Recording Artiste, Lynxx

Model, Actor & Reality TV Star, Melvin Oduah

Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu

Media Boss, Noble Igwe

Who is Nigeria's Most Eligible Bachelor

Thursday 21 May 2015

Ladies and gentlemen,
7 days ago we embarked on a quest to find Naija's best dressed celebrity.
You were asked to Vote from a pool of gorgeous Naija men ( See Poll here )

You have voted and Tayo Faniran , Model, Actor, Singer & Reality TV Star has emerged winner!!
Congratulations Tayo!

Tayo Faniran 
Your votes for your winner

Friday 15 May 2015

About 10 years ago, there was a sort of stigma associated with online dating. it was seen as a last resort for the undesirables. However online dating has evolved to become more socially acceptable in recent times as compared to the initial perception. In fact, some people have gone on to have very happy relationships and marriages which started from the world wide web.  While online dating may refer to paying for subscriptions on dating websites, the term has also grown to include social media.

Some celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlie sheen, Orlando Bloom and Lindsey Lohan have admitted signing up to dating sites, with Orlando trying to find love on Facebook using a friend's profile picture and name. Dancing with the stars host Carrie Ann Inaba actually found her fiancee on eharmony. Actress Essence Atkins met her husband on In fact i remember reading somewhere that the founder of's girlfriend dumped him for a man she met on Oh the Irony!

Online dating is a useful dating method which could yield positive results if used wisely. Security is top of the list on the checklist for online dating.  Here are 7 ways to protect yourself;

1. Do not rush into a meeting or a relationship. Give yourself time to study the person and decide if you want to meet. Remember you are not obliged to meet if you don't want to.

2. Get verifiable details, through email before you meet. Do not use your private email.

3. Do not give out personal information. If you decide to call after communication over a reasonable time frame, ask for the phone number and hide your number while calling.

4. Make sure you meet in an open place, during the day. for your own safety. Never leave your bag (theft) or drink unattended (spiked drinks)

5. Do not give out your home address. Remember that person is still a stranger regardless of how often you talk via email or social media.

6. Always let your family/friends know who you are meeting and where you are meeting. give them a call when you are there and are with him (Heck, try to sneak in a picture of who you are meeting if you can and email to someone -okay maybe OTT but worth a shot)

7.  If the date doesn't go well, you do not have to see the person again. Don't feel pressured. Say goodbye politely and leave.

So those are & basic safety tips to protect yourself while on the hunt for love in Cyberspace.
However one rule is the the ultimate and must be done before any of the following steps even come up. It's 3 words - GOOGLE THAT PERSON.

If that person has no cyber footprint, chances are that person isn't human. See what you can find on the web about the person you are communicating with. Facebook is a good start to see if they are single or taken. Google can also tel you if they are a wanted felon. GOOGLE! :)

Wednesday 13 May 2015

It's no secret that Naija is blessed with gorgeous men.
Also it's certainly out in the open that there are alot of very stylish men here.
Now the question is, who is Nigeria's best dressed man??
Vote Now :)

Who is Naija's best dressed male celeb?

Monday 11 May 2015

If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard someone curse NEPA or PHCN out loud. Actually it happens all the time. Hear people scream for joy when the lights are back on.
Its really sad that in 2015 we still can not have stable electricity.

Back at uni in England, one of my oyibo tutors brought up the issue of lack of electricity in Nigeria. I actually tried to hide under the desk, i was so ashamed.
I felt every one was looking at me and the other Nigerians like we were some alien life form from a different galaxy (LOL) My friend from Kuwait turned to me an asked if it was true, i had to admit it was. But people used generators. So he said, ah okay the government gives you generators and i said no and tried to hide further under the desk. He went on to ask if the government at least provided the petrol to power the generators. I shook my head and began to wish for a shovel to dig a hole i could hide in. He couldn't understand why the world's 8th largest oil producing country could not generate electricity for it's citizens. I still can't understand it either.

I tried to open a bank account with a bank relatively close to work a few weeks ago, and i needed a recent utility bill statement for it. I'm not even going to talk about water bills - never seen one in my life because everyone provides their own water anyways. So i went on a hunt for a recent PHCN bill and sadly there was none. I have not had power in my house for months, so at least the PHCN staff were sensible enough to not to bother to bring a bill. No bank account for me. In my house the generator is almost always on, and i get depressed thinking about the amount of money we spend on diesel. Money which could be put towards good use. In fact, i know a lot of people who have no ee=electricity and are still sent bills.

I work at Cool FM, located at Rumuosi in Port Harcourt. There has been no power in the community from PHCN for 3 months. It's a massive complex housing 3 24-hour radio stations. You can about guess how overworked the generators are and of course the crazy amount spent on diesel for the generators. I think enough is enough.
The government and PHCN have to sort out this mess, as there are reports coming from all over the city about the terrible electricity supply.

There is a vicious cycle of problems arising from this lack of electricity:

1. Increase in fire related accidents due to storage of petrol in homes/businesses for generator use.
2. Environmental pollution, thanks to fumes from generators on every corner- could lead to respiratory illness.
3. Noise pollution (yes its a real thing) those generator sounds are horrible- could result in headaches
4. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning - thanks to inadequate ventilation.
5. Increase in crime rates- theft of generators (yes, people leave their generators outside and wake up to find them gone)
6. Businesses are forced to increase their prices, to make up for electricity costs, leading to loss of customers and general business failure.
7. Cases of illnesses like malaria increase- more windows open for air due to heat and of course the mosquitoes sneak in.
8. Security risks as people can not even hear their neighbors call for help, thanks to the generator sounds.
9. It drains your savings!!!
10. Lack of electricity is directly tied to extreme poverty.

This is an open call out to PHCN and all agencies/ministries involved in power generation. Do your jobs and give us electricity.


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