Saturday 14 February 2015

Many years ago, Saint Valentine was executed by the Romans, because he defied orders and continued to marry couples the christ way. After his death, a date was set aside to honor this man, who gave his life up for love, well in a sense. Somehow it became all about couple's love and St Valentine was forgotten. And then it moved on to be about love for family & friends. And now its all about love for money, yes. Thank you Evolution!

I was having a chat with my friend KO, and he pointed out to me how the day had become all about money. Buy this for valentines, go here for dinner, get this discount and bla bla. I realized Val's day had been commercialized a bit too much like other holidays have - Christmas, Easter etc. I think if we think back to the origins of Val's day, there indeed is a huge gap.

That being said, I think its a nice idea to take time out to show your love to your family, partner, friends - everyone around you. If you can add a little extra - that's awesome. Of course a lot of people are going to be disappointed (especially the couples) in the gifts they give or receive, the restaurants or maybe even the movies they see.

I think my Ideal Valentines day, would be sitting in front of my TV, working on my laptop and chatting on whatsapp (yes simultaneously) To me, its just a regular day. To live my life and do what I do every other day - live, work & show love to the people around me the way I can.

Actually, I've never given anyone a Valentine's day gift.I've happily accepted gifts tho.When I buy val gifts,I change my mind at the last second and save the gifts as presents for birthdays.

What would your ideal Valentines day be like?

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