Monday 13 July 2015

In 2004 or 2005, I was watching The Weakest Link on a BBC Channel. In fact, that remains one of my favorite TV shows, as i always liked to see how much i knew compared to the contestants.
On that episode, there was a blind man on as a contestant named Ife. As soon as i saw his name and looked hard at him, i knew immediately he was Nigerian. I was curious to see how he would do.

Amazing thing is Ife the blind man was the strongest link on all rounds. I was amazed. He didn't get any question wrong. I was amazed. How on earth could this Blind man be so intelligent? Even when Anne Robinson in her typical way asked him what color of dress she was wearing, he laughed and said black. (now everyone knows Anne wears black every single episode) She asked him in her usua sarcastic way to describe her dress, he chuckled and said "it's a lovely one".

At the final round, the 2 remaining contestants tactically voted Ife out as he undoubtedly would have won the grand prize. For the first time, i notices Anne'd voice tremble. she must have been really mad. I was almost in tears at those 2 contestants, heck i doubt i have ever felt such anger at random people i would never ever meet in real life.

Fast forward to 2013, at some Nigerian association meeting, i bumped into Ife. I could not believe it. same dark glasses, same cane, same loud laughter, happy grin and a girl holding him. I ran up to him and i asked him, are you Ife from The Weakest Link? He laughed out loud and said yes indeed, it was him! I couldn't believe it, i had watched this man on TV, was inspired by him, thought about him alot and now i had seen him in person. He had such an amazing and positive aura. I asked if i could hug him, he laughed again and opened his arms and i jumped in. I was almost in tears.

I told him how upset I was about the way he was voted off, he laughed and told me how a viewer had sent him  £100 through the BBC. He received the cheque as the viewer was upset about how he was voted off. I asked him how he knew all that he knew. He laughed again and said he reads alot plus TV & radio. I was amazed. Here was a blind man, yet he was probably the most intelligent person i had ever met. If you watch the weakest link, you would understand how diverse and random the questions are. And this blind man knew the answer to ALL the questions he was asked.

I kept hugging him, i couldn't help it. Thank goodnesss i didn't knock him over. But this man had inspired me and possibly millions more who watched him on TV. And almost 10 years later, i met him. Still as happy and positive and charming as when he was on TV. I wish i could have asked for his number, but hey in England you just don't do that lol. I wish i could see him again or speak to him at least. But the lesson i learned from him will remain with me forever.

Ife didn't let himself be limited by his condition, rather he embraced it and is living life to the fullest.

What excuse do I have to limit myself? Absolutely none.


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