Friday 29 November 2019

I’ve recently started to make my own yoghurt parfaits. I’m a decent cook with my own online cooking show, so making a parfait is probably the easiest thing to do in a kitchen. 

So about two weeks ago, I bought a tub of yoghurt from a supermarket in Victoria Island. I even bought some granola, coconut flakes and fruit for the parfait I had been dreaming of for days. I was just out the doors of the supermarket , heading to my car when bam, plastic bag ripped and my yoghurt fell out. The tub broke and splattered yoghurt all over my shoes and jeans. I was enraged. I had worn those shoes for the first time ever that day. 

I was so mad at the flimsy plastic bag, I walked back in thru the exit I’d just come out of. I was so mad I didn’t even have time to process how I looked. Wearing black pants and black shoes, I had a thick, creamy substance all over me. The security guard stared at me as I walked in through the exit with the “don’t you dare speak to me” look on my face. I matched straight back to the lady who’d served me at the till and asked to see a manager. 

Two young men who were getting their orders rang up at the till kept staring at me like I fell out of the sky. Finally, one of them cautiously asked what happened to me. I shudder to think of what games he thought I was up to outside. I calmly explained what had happened and he said sorry to me. I felt sorry too that I was in that situation, so he could probably relate. 

A stern faced female manager came to the till and asked the lady at the till which bag my yoghurt was packed in. I showed her the plastic bag I used and reminded her that the bags were poor quality and that’s why they ripped. I figured she was trying to apportion the blame and I had to nip it in the bud by letting her know the exact reason the accident happened was because of a poor quality plastic bag. 

At this point, she walked off and returned with a new tub of yoghurt and some rather half hearted apologies. She walked outside with me to the parking lot and proceeded to pick up the broken tub, i’m guessing she might have had to write a report and needed evidence of some kind. 

Anyways I got in my car and headed home, to make a nice parfait to satisfy My craving and also to cheer myself up. A few minutes, I was over the ordeal and shooting a video for my cooking show. 

I should have asked the supermarket for compensation in the form of cleaning materials or vouchers to make up for the cost of cleaning my creamy yoghurt splashed pants and shoes.

My mood lifting parfait 


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