Monday 11 May 2015

If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard someone curse NEPA or PHCN out loud. Actually it happens all the time. Hear people scream for joy when the lights are back on.
Its really sad that in 2015 we still can not have stable electricity.

Back at uni in England, one of my oyibo tutors brought up the issue of lack of electricity in Nigeria. I actually tried to hide under the desk, i was so ashamed.
I felt every one was looking at me and the other Nigerians like we were some alien life form from a different galaxy (LOL) My friend from Kuwait turned to me an asked if it was true, i had to admit it was. But people used generators. So he said, ah okay the government gives you generators and i said no and tried to hide further under the desk. He went on to ask if the government at least provided the petrol to power the generators. I shook my head and began to wish for a shovel to dig a hole i could hide in. He couldn't understand why the world's 8th largest oil producing country could not generate electricity for it's citizens. I still can't understand it either.

I tried to open a bank account with a bank relatively close to work a few weeks ago, and i needed a recent utility bill statement for it. I'm not even going to talk about water bills - never seen one in my life because everyone provides their own water anyways. So i went on a hunt for a recent PHCN bill and sadly there was none. I have not had power in my house for months, so at least the PHCN staff were sensible enough to not to bother to bring a bill. No bank account for me. In my house the generator is almost always on, and i get depressed thinking about the amount of money we spend on diesel. Money which could be put towards good use. In fact, i know a lot of people who have no ee=electricity and are still sent bills.

I work at Cool FM, located at Rumuosi in Port Harcourt. There has been no power in the community from PHCN for 3 months. It's a massive complex housing 3 24-hour radio stations. You can about guess how overworked the generators are and of course the crazy amount spent on diesel for the generators. I think enough is enough.
The government and PHCN have to sort out this mess, as there are reports coming from all over the city about the terrible electricity supply.

There is a vicious cycle of problems arising from this lack of electricity:

1. Increase in fire related accidents due to storage of petrol in homes/businesses for generator use.
2. Environmental pollution, thanks to fumes from generators on every corner- could lead to respiratory illness.
3. Noise pollution (yes its a real thing) those generator sounds are horrible- could result in headaches
4. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning - thanks to inadequate ventilation.
5. Increase in crime rates- theft of generators (yes, people leave their generators outside and wake up to find them gone)
6. Businesses are forced to increase their prices, to make up for electricity costs, leading to loss of customers and general business failure.
7. Cases of illnesses like malaria increase- more windows open for air due to heat and of course the mosquitoes sneak in.
8. Security risks as people can not even hear their neighbors call for help, thanks to the generator sounds.
9. It drains your savings!!!
10. Lack of electricity is directly tied to extreme poverty.

This is an open call out to PHCN and all agencies/ministries involved in power generation. Do your jobs and give us electricity.


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