Friday 10 October 2014

Hey guys!

As you know its the time for BBA DAILY WITH ZIBBY - Episode-7, Day 05.

The daily podcasts are recorded about 30 minutes before they are uploaded.

Due to the party tonight, which starts after the podcast is due to be recorded,
It means the party review + tomorrow's presentation + everythinh else would be squeezed into one episode, which wll can't fit into the usual pattern and time.

Thus the podcast will be recorded tomorrow morning (the whole days events + the party)and uploaded.

I also just concluded a wonderful interview with the charming BBA The Chase Housemate LK4 @LK_four a short while ago. This interview will be uploaded as a special later this week. He talks about a lot of things we were curious to find out.

So tune in tomorrow for day 05 and the party scoop!

I am on twitter @ZibbyJ
See ya!


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