Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It’s my birthday and boy am I thrilled!

Now I’m not one of those people who are overly excited about birthdays, cos it seems like everyone get’s excited for me. And I’m not even kidding. I see birthdays as a time to reflect on how far  you have come in a year and how to get to the next point by the next year.

I've always said I’m not doing anything and then a few days to D-Day, the fever kicks in thanks to the people around me and then yes, I do something – party, dinner, something. And we all have a great time. I remember for my 21st, I told my friends I was def not doing anything, I was going to just go out solo, have a meal and reflect. I almost got lynched by them. Insisted it was my birthday and I called the shots. 

I ended up having a crazy fun party. And then my dad’s friends heard it was my birthday,they insisted I had to come over,  I was on a flight next day to Warri (those free shell flights were the best!!!)It was a massive party and I was the youngest person at my party. So from no party, I had TWO (2) parties on my 21st! Talk about a slam dunk!  When rich Shell guys throw you a party, you can only imagine the gifts I got. Epic!

Back to the present, I feel truly blessed. Like all the pieces of my life are falling into place. Last year’s birthday was pretty good, although this year, I feel a whole lot happier. I've got the love and support of my family, met so many amazing people – I truly am blessed!!

I think my birthday gift to myself is finally driving myself in Port Harcourt (yay)
I've just returned from a shoot and basically my mum arranged a mini party for me. It's been great :)

These pics just show how far I've come. More on my Instagram @countess_zibby

Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

Can you spot me?
At work a few hours ago, thanks Kofi for this picture :)

Best Birthday Cake ever, yep that is MJ and I :)


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