Wednesday 22 January 2020

You’re having a lazy day at home. Your significant other and your kids are running riot all over the house. You’ve all just had a huge lunch and the dishes are stacked in the kitchen sink, almost to the ceiling. You’re falling asleep on the couch, one leg flung carelessly on the sofa. Life seems perfect. Your iPhone rings and you grab it from your young son, who has turned it into his personal game console. 

You pick up the phone and hear your dear friend’s voice and realise you both haven’t spoken in a few weeks. You start to exchange pleasantries and then your friend drops the bombshell. They are with their family, heading back from a visit with their parents and they want to stop by at your home to say a quick hello. They are moving to Canada and want to say goodbye as they may not have the time to visit before they travel for good next week. They are just a few minutes from your house. 


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Hiya, im Zibby and this is a brief intro about me :)

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