Wednesday 22 January 2020

Just a few days ago, American rapper & actor Ludacris celebrated becoming a citizen of his wife’s home country, Gabon. While congratulations are in order for Ludacris, there are a few other American artistes who probably should be getting a Nigerian passport. 

Cardi B

Just a few weeks ago in December 2019, American Grammy winning Rapper Cardi B was in Nigeria to perform at a concert. While the concert was no doubt a huge success with a massive turnout, Cardi B was on a mission to sell Nigeria positively to the world. From showing the nightlife, to her luxurious hotel, to even visiting with children in an orphanage, Cardi loved it all. Just a few days ago after the news of America’s strike which led to the death of a top Iranian general, Cardi tweeted saying she was going to apply for a Nigerian passport. 

Read full post HERE via Opera News Nigeria 

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