Saturday 15 August 2015

We meet people all the time, like all the time. Some we know we probably don't care much for, some we know have a spark, and some well just don't really make much of an impression. I think from the first time, we have an idea of what group that person falls in.

Sometimes God sends someone into your life at a certain time when you need them. Maybe you don't even need them. But when things unfold, you get that "Ah" moment, when everything suddenly becomes clear. And then you start to wonder at how amazing God is. And how he is the master planner. How the dots connect, to form the big picture.

That person you met could potentially be the dot at a very important spot on that diagram. Or a piece of the puzzle. But all in all, that person's presence makes things different. It could be different in a positive way or even negatively, but as with every situation in life, there is a lesson to be learned.

Regarding this article, it's all positive (so far) thankfully :)

I was inspired to write this by a friend - actually kinda family - i didn't know I had. Hahaha I know it's funny but that's for another day.

But the lesson is "Everything happens for a reason. Even the most random insignificant things. We don't always know it but God does. And he reveals it - at the right time, when you can understand. 


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