Saturday 28 February 2015

Scene 1: Beautiful young 18 year old makes an appearnace at Hollyowood's biggest event, loking gorgeous and wearing her hair in locks. Stunning.

Scene 2: Hateful woman on a TV show panel mocks this successful young lady (singer, actress & dancer) makes fun of young lady and says her hair dreadlocks probably smell of patchouli and marijuana.

Scene 3: Huge outrage at hateful woman's comments, hateful woman tweets at successful with a half apology, implying successful young woman should not be angry about it, as its nothing.

Scene 4: Successful young woman releases a statement condenming Hateful woman's comments.Massive support for succesful young woman, especially from the black community. Ironically the black community had ganged up on successful young lady last year, because she was cast in the Aaliyah biopic. Reasons ranged from she was not dark enough, her father is African, She has Eyropean roots bla bla. All this is forgotten or at least swept under the rug. Everyone loves her again. All is well.

Scene 5: Hateful woman's co-host who is the foul mouthed Brit and coincidentally a friend of successful young lady speaks against hateful woman. Asking her to apologise. She questions whether she wants to continue on the show. While foul mouthed brit has made mean comments about others on the show, watching it being done to successful young lady, a close friend has got her thinking. Maybe conversations with successful lady in the aftermath of events. Maybe some comments made off air by hateful woman & others. She is thinking really hard.

Scene 6: TV show reeases a statement saying Foul mouthed brit is leaving the show (fired or resigned- we'll never know). Huge uproar. People have turned on Foul mouthed brit, because she didn't stick with hateful woman and her colleagues, but sided with her friend the successful young woman.

Final Scene: (In conclusion)
1. Humans are so fickle. Make up your mind whom you are mad at already. The villian has somehow become the victim. Amazing!
2. I want a friend like foul mouthed brit. Who will stick by a friend. And stand up for what she believes in.
3. Be careful what you say. Your words are powerful. They can build or destroy.
4. Foul mouthed brit just got a new fan- me.
5. And yes, I love successful youbg lady. Followed her career for years and the only place she is heading is...the top! Locks or Not.

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