Friday 28 October 2016

So there's been a lot of speculation about why Beyoncé will not be seen with Kim, and why their kids will never have a play date. So after a lot of research, I drew up a list of the reasons why.

1. She finds it hard to forget Kim's rise to fame - that famous tape. ( It's okay- we can't either)

2.  She finds the Kardashian clan depraved and without morals (I mean they were pleased to allow an under aged child (Kyle) date a full grown man - child ( Tyga)

3. She is not letting her man (Jay Z) hang out with known man stealers. Just ask Chyna, Amber and Lamar's ex wife.

4. She doesn't want Blue To have a distorted image of beauty.

5. She is a famously private person and doesn't need to unknowingly make an appearance on their reality TV shows.

6. She is still reeling from Kanye attacking a very young Taylor Swift - making her look really bad. (We know how much Bee loves her image)

7. She is worried about her conversations with the Karadshian-Wests being leaked onto social media. (Poor Taylor Swift- again)

8. She remembers how Kim put up controversial posts after an awards show, which led to John Legend apologising and issuing a disclaimer.

9. She is worried that when Kanye runs out of people to attack, he will turn to her family. ( Bee was right, it's happening now - Kanye attacking Jay on stage)

10. She is worried about the paparazzi craze and sensitive security info being leaked ( It's happened - the Paris heist)

Okay we said 10 but there are a lot more

11. She and Jay both know Kanye is obsessed with her - you know how obsession could potentially lead to serious crimes like stalking and even murder.

12.  She's not about to let her mama- given curves be tainted by Kim's doctor mounded curves.

13. She really can't remember what Kim does for a living. After all these years, it might be awkward to ask.

14. She doesn't want to see random videos of Blue on snapchat.

15. She knows Solange can't stand Kim, she can't risk another elevator bout.

16. Her man Jay is from the street. He can't trust Kanye who ditched Damon Dash in 5 seconds. ( that's fine, we wouldn't trust him too)

17. Did we mention the tape? Okay that's worth at least 3 reasons.

18. The tape

19. The tape

20. She can't stand how Kim looks like she is about to drool when she talks. Eeeeew! ( We hate it too)

Okay the final Straw - Did Kanye really crop Beyonce's soulmate Solange out of a picture only so Kim could be in it? Uh, Heeeel Nooo!


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