Saturday 28 March 2015

Today is a remarkable day in Nigerian history, as voters go to the polls to decide who will be the next leader of our great country.
While we pray for peace during and after the elections, its always a good idea to be security conscious.
I have compiled this list as a guide to staying safe during this election and subsequent elections. Please have this on your smartphones, print and pass along via word of mouth to others who many not have access to the internet.

Regardless of your political affiliation, your safety is a priority.

1.Leave for polling stations early. Most registered voters opted for locations close to their homes. pease go with the things you need, do not carry large bags to avoid suspicion.

2. Ensure you have some refreshment and water to avoid dehydration. dress comfortably.

3. When you arrive at polling stations, please be orderly. join the queue and do not cut the lines.

4. Do not argue with security officials. Ask questions politely if clarification is needed.

5. Do not engage in any form of political debates or discussion with anyone. While you may have your opinions, please keep them to yourself.

6. Survey your location. Identify possible alternate exit routes.

7. Always be alert. At any sense of disturbance, please move away as quickly as possible.

8. Ensure you have airtime on your phone, for easy communication and in the case of need to call for help.

9. Avoid taking pictures and videos. Professional pressmen are there to do the reporting. If you must take a picture, ensure you have permission and clearance from security officials to do so.

10. if you are going with friends/family, ensure you have a meeting spot where you have arranged to meet after voting. This is to ensure you are al aware of everyone's location.

11. Please do not loiter. Cast your vote and leave immediately to avoid crowding. There are professional monitoring teams to monitor. You can monitor results and updates from your home, via TV & Radio.

12. Please listen and obey instructions from INEC officials and security agents.

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