Wednesday 11 February 2015

If you follow me on Social Media, chances are you are aware of all the positive change I've been experiencing :) Tremendous growth in my personal & professional life, Best part so far is landing my dream job. With great excitement and happiness and of course more work, lurks the factor which we wish we never have to see - illness.
Yes, living in a stressful society with air, noise and generally environmental pollution, add intense heat, shaky power supply, skipped meals & pesky little creatures buzzing around, you have the recipe for illness.

I have headaches a lot of the time, and when I'm particularly grumpy chances are my head is banging. But I'm opposed to taking medication as I'm worried about dependency on them. So I learned to live & function with the headaches. Late last year after extensive research, I came up with alternative natural remedies to fight headaches. Since I started on them this year, I'm glad to say I've barely had any.

However Malaria has dawned its ugly head again. And this time I'm wondering - Herbal, Natural or Western? I don't know the dictionary definitions but I describe natural as treatments which do not require any ingestion of any special formula (Herbal or western) I believe Herbal and Western are self explanatory.

I'm wary of western meds and doubly wary of herbal meds. I remember once as a child, my grandma force fed us a mixture of bitter leaf + stout (I think) and it was totally horrible. That's my only experience with herbal treatments. People say herbal treatments are good and indeed a lot of western meds are derived from herbs and trees. However I seem to have more faith in western meds as I am certain doses are refined and not too concentrated. Also less chances of an unwanted compound slipping in.

After struggling for a few days, I finally gave in went to hospital and got western malaria meds. I however wish, there was an alternate natural remedy for the cure of malaria. I drank a lot of water, had fruits, tried to rest a bit more, avoided oily foods. But I didn't start feeling better till I got the western meds.

So the question is, how do you find the balance between these methods of treatment? Which would you advocate for? Are they all equally effective?

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