Friday 3 October 2014

Hey guys,

So this is my first official post on the BBA Daily with Zibby blog!
its that time of year again, where Africa gets together to make one lucky person's dreams come true - the dream of winning $300,000

Of course its a rocky road, with cameras on the selected housemates 24/7 in cramped up spaces, strange things happen. People fall in love -pure and innocent like Kevin & Elizabeth, or forbidden love like the infamous Richiana. Sometimes its even fake love aka Bengelo. Great friendships are formed like Shuti. Sometimes life long enemies are made - Pokello VS Feza. Even the physical fights - DKB VS ZAINAB (which we totally do not condone)
All this equals DRAMA, which i know we love hahaha!

Despite the drama, its always a good thing when a deserving winner gets that ultimate prize.
This year its no different, and we hope for more DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! and of course a deserving winner.

BBA DAILY WITH ZIBBY will be here to keep up with the housemates every single day!
Tune in at 9pm every day for the scoop. Join our resident BBA pros dissect, analyse and hope our favouites win. Tune in Saturday evening for our first episode at 9pm.

To listen to the podcasts, just click the play button or download from the 4shared links which will be up everyday. Remember we host this show together. Send your comments via twitter, email,facebook and whatsapp voice messages. The offcial twitter hashtag is #BBADaily.

Let the conversations begin :)


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