Saturday, 5 December 2015

I admit I was late in my quest to see Empire. There was so much hype about it on social media, I figured I would wait till the buzz died down and then see the series. After the hype sorta died down, I still couldn't find the time to watch. And then I mistakingly said it out on my show that I had never seen the series, hahaha my listeners kept bugging me and teasing me till I decided I had to see it.

Season 1 was amazing. I saw the entire season in less than a week. I just couldn't get enough. Season 2 however seems to have lost a lot of the steam packed in from Season 1. A lot of inconsistent storylines. Things not adding up. In fact I think the writers wrote those scripts in a hurry, with no clear direction - sort of like the writers of LOST who years after the show ended, admitted they made up the storylines as the episodes went by. Well we could tell.

Anyways back to Empire Season 2, I found a lot of inconsistencies with the storyline, although there were some good moments and some characters I grew to love. But I'll start from the underdeveloped or inconsistent storylines.

1. let's talk Anika. Season 1 She is a gorgeous intelligent woman with a rich daddy, a top music exec and ex fiancée of a billionaire. How on earth in Season 2 does she become a woman living in a cramped apartment, obsessing over an 18 year old child of your ex fiancee? Two different Anika's - they might as well have used a different person in that role.

2. Cookie Lyon - street smart. Business savy. The brains behind the operation. Raised in the hood. Jail bird - all round bad ass. How do you go from that to being outsmarted by a Latino street thug? That's not like Cookie, a woman who spent 17 years in jail and came out unscathed.

3. Okay Lucious. How does a man like Luscious who is deeply calculating, sees beyond the ordinary and always has up to a plan Z and back all the way to A again, fall for Mimi's schemes? Did prison screw with Luscious? I would think he was tougher than that. Luscious is the man who is always a step ahead of everyone else. How oh how, did he let the White woman mimi deceive him? remember he said to his son Andre he didn't trust him for marrying that white woman.

4. Hakeem went from an insecure and overly spoilt 18 year old brat to a mature 19 year old who has learned at the feet of the two baddest in the game - Cookie and Luscious. How do you go from being the golden child and loving your father knowing you are the family heir, to becoming an arch nemesis of your father and loving the woman you hated for 17 years? Okay miracles happen, but the play boy teenager becomes a mature music executive, developed and manages talent. He grows up in an instant. Great. But in 5 seconds he somehow becomes the whiny, immature kid again as soon as he sees Camilla. And I had grown to love how Hakeem's character grew over the series and they had to do this.

5. Still on Hakkem, how do you trust someone who is about to take everything your family have worked for? Someone who vanished into thin air and never bothered to contact you? After just a few lines. Really Hakeem? Someone who "married" some one else just to get revenge on your family. Hakeem is dumb.

6. Okay let's talk Andre's wife. Did the writers, costume and makeup forget she was supposed to be pregnant all through the season? And what pregnant woman runs on a treadmill like that? LOL! I bet even Marion Jones preggers would not. The pregnancy only pops up in the 9th episode like they weren't sure what to do with the storyline, but somehow decided they had to use it for a cliffhanger to make us interested in season 3.  When did Luscious become the loving grandpa, considering he basically accused Andre of lying about the baby? Dang, it's hard to keep up!

7. So Jamal and his trashy boyfriend break up. And Jamal is kissing Alicia's character. So does this mean he is bisexual? Or maybe a few whiny songs with Alicia have got him's a miracle! Zero chemistry between them as far as I saw and the songs were very forgettable. And Jamal tells his dad "I'm still Gay" LOL. That was a funny moment.

8. Why on earth do Andre's wife and Anika become besties? Didn't see that friendship coming. Considering they both barely spoke in the past season. And Andre's wife knows how much Luscious who is her benefactor hates Anika. Crazy, isn't it.

9. Hakeem asking if Cookei's Latino boyfriend had a tatoo is ridiculous. Like that didn't even make any sense. That shouldn't have been in that scene. Btw, the smirk Luscious gives lover boy, seems like lover boy is def chilling in peace somewhere.

10. It was nice to see Vivica again, but I truly did not get the point of her character in the movie. Or their younger sis being on drugs. Oh Nd the plot about the secret thing her sis did while cookie was in jail? Another cliffhanger which would def not entice me to watch season 3, except things change.

11. Is any one else tired of Jamal's bleating? He sounds terrible. Jamal's constant painful bleating, sorry singing in the episodes have made this season a ghetto version of Glee. I will not even comment on Luscious's rapping a la DMX lol.  Timbal and you need to work on the music a bit more. It's slipping. Quality not quantity.

12. Andre is a Christian, who can't have sex with the assistant DA anymore, so he can only blackmail her. Andre isn't it written somewhere in our holy book that all sins are equal?

But hey, it's not all bad. Kelly Rowland gives an amazing performance as Luscious' mum. And then Andre, I didn't like him much in season 1 but his character is becoming more loveable. And Hakeem 's too well until the final vote. Thirsty the lawyer, wow that dude is the dirtiest lawyer in the country but hey it wouldn't hurt to have Thirsty in your corner LOL. Cookie and Luscious seem to be getting slower and dumber.  I wonder why? Poor Jamal is so irrelevant this season, I think the gay thing has overshadowed whatever momentum he had built from season 1. Lyet's talk about Freda, that girl is an amazing rapper. i believe she killed Hakeem in the rap battle.

I think the show needs better people behind the scenes. I cant honestly jump for joy and say i am looking forward to season . But if the writers can do more and Jamal stops singing, i will be happy.


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