Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ever has a food crave you desperately had to fill?

Well I had been craving a juicy burger with a massive side of fries and yet somehow, the options I found were rather poor and way too expensive. So I decided I would make mine. I'm no stranger to making food at home, I mean I make my own pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches and toasties, even my own Chapman, so obviously I'm very picky about my food. But I had never made a burger. So I decided to pull up all the years of watching Guy Fieri on Triple D on the Food Network and made myself the juicy burger I was craving.

I got the buns from a supermarket – about 6 buns for N250. I make my own bread at home sometimes but it takes too much time, doesn't last as long as the store bought bread and well I certainly didn’t have the time. Had some minced meat left over in the freezer from a previous shop so just got some avocados and lettuce. Any ways on to the recipe :)

 Bread buns, half an avocado, 2 spring onions, an egg, tomato, salt, black pepper, Thai fish sauce, olive oil,  lettuce, string beans, minced meat, ketchup, mayo and of course chilli sauce. (I didn't use breadcrumbs) I also threw in a slice of Cheddar.

My burger :) 

After the mincemeat had thawed out, I diced one of the spring onions (green part included) threw it in, added the salt, black pepper, all-purpose seasoning and a little olive oil, mixed it with my hands and rolled them into balls and let them sit in the fridge to set for about 20 minutes.

Then I tossed the onions in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil, and when they started to get a bit soft, threw in 4 string beans, added a dash of the fish sauce and let it cook for about a minute more.
Next put the flattened mince in the pan with very little oil, covered to pan grill. Flipped over fter about 3 minutes. Both sides. There was a slight char which I like. And after about an extra minute it was ready. Got the egg fried flat- no extra seasoning added.

Oops I forgot the avocados, I mashed the avocado while the mince was in the pot and set it aside.

Building the Sandwich
Got a generous portion of mayo on both sides of the bun, added everything, including a little dash of chilli sauce and ketchup, and forgot to add a slice of tomato which I lightly charred in that same pan!
I have to admit, that was one yummy burger! It tasted better than anything I've paid for in a long, long time plus I made it all myself. If I had to put a total cost on the ingredients I used, it cost me less than N150.

I had no fries, cos I forgot to get some potatoes. But I'm definitely making more burgers and you should too. It took me just about 15 minutes not including the setting time for the mincemeat. 

Don't forget to send me a picture when you make a burger- remember you can always play around with the ingredients.


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